Austin Eldridge

President and CEO

Austin began using a passport at 12 years old on a mission trip to Brazil. He quickly fell in love with the people, churrascaria, and exploring the world. By his freshman year of college, he had been to four continents!

After graduation, Austin became a business traveler who was forced to use the company card. He became an expert on elite status and redeeming points, but was late to the party on the best ways to earn points (and the power of sign-up bonuses!). He is now our resident family travel hacker, traveling full-time domestically in a camper or abroad with his wife, 7-year-old daughter, and 5-year-old identical twin boys.

See Austin’s work as our technical guru any time you visit Daily Drop or FareDrop!

What is your favorite country or travel experience? Jumping into the Amazon’s Meeting of Waters from the second story of a boat on my 13th birthday will always be a special memory for just me. But seeing my three young kids make it to the base of Angel’s Landing via the West Rim Trail in Zion National Park was a really proud and rewarding moment as a dad.

Do you have a favorite travel hack that you’ve done? I’m sitting on a couple of sign-up bonuses, attempting to find enough business class availability to take the whole family somewhere. But until then, the best value of a trip I’ve ever had remains a $200 FareDrop from Nashville to Athens, Greece!


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Loves flying as a private pilot AND commercial passenger
Regularly avoids serious injury on a OneWheel
Fav Travel Type: Anything outside OR any experience to make a memory with the fam
Camped in 32 states with his family of 5 in a 40' fifth wheel
Visited 16 countries
Has mastered international family travel