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Navigating airport security lines is arguably one of the worst parts of a travel day. Everybody loves being yelled at for not orienting their laptop the right way in the bin… right?

That’s exactly why we love Trusted Traveler Programs (TTPs) like TSA PreCheck®, Global Entry, and NEXUS.

CLEAR is another unique program that allows you to skip lines not just in airports, but also in stadiums nationwide.  

And how does it work? CLEAR is the high-tech member of the TTP family—it uses biometric analysis through fingerprint or eye scanning to quickly bypass security checkpoints 👌 

The differences between CLEAR and TSA PreCheck® 

You might be wondering why you would even consider getting CLEAR if you already have TSA PreCheck?? The first difference is that unlike TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and NEXUS, CLEAR is a privately owned company.

CLEAR is currently available at just 54 airports, whereas you’ll find TSA PreCheck in over 200 airports.  

The next difference is in the process. CLEAR allows you to skip the “pre security line” that is essentially the step before TSA PreCheck.

You know, the agony it takes waiting in a line just for the TSA agent to say, “Boarding pass and ID, please,” usually in a deadpan tone with an occasional eye roll.

That’s the line you’re skipping with CLEAR 🎉

And if you’re like me with a home airport in Orlando (the land of Disney and long lines), this is an incredibly valuable perk. 

How does CLEAR work at the airport? 

Courtesy of CLEAR

Once you become an enrolled CLEAR member, you simply head to the terminal and find the dedicated CLEAR lane. After you do your scan, a CLEAR Agent will escort you to the front of the security line—like the A-list celebrity your pet thinks you are.

It’s a fairly painless process as far as airport flows go! 

How do I enroll in CLEAR?

A standard CLEAR membership is $189 annually. This is the membership that will get you into airports and stadiums at high speed. 

You can enroll online with CLEAR, and then next time you travel, you’ll complete the process in person in the dedicated CLEAR lane.

But before you hop on over and enroll online, this is Daily Drop. And you know we’ve got a few ways for you to get your CLEAR membership covered 😏 

How to save on your CLEAR membership 

American Express has a partnership with CLEAR, and this allows you to get your $189 fee fully covered if you hold certain cards of theirs. We have an entire page dedicated to all cards that offer this, which you can view here.

Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines also have partnerships with CLEAR that can get you a discounted membership if you hold one of their co-branded cards or have status with them. 

Other things to know about CLEAR 

You must be 18 years or older to get a CLEAR membership, and you must be a U.S. resident.  

There is no background check required for CLEAR since it’s for ID screening and not security screening.  

CLEAR also offers a two month free trial if you want to take it for a spin first! 

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking to save more time and make your travel day a breeze, CLEAR can help get that done! It’s also important to note the airports and stadiums that CLEAR serves, and if they’re ones you find yourself frequently at.  

Plus, if you get CLEAR through a credit card that you’re already holding, then it’s a no brainer to add it to your travel toolkit 🤓 

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