Megan Johnston

Daily Drop Community Manager

It’s safe to say, Megan LOVES travel. She grew up going on many road trips with her family but didn’t actually leave the country (or own a passport!) until she was 23. That first international trip truly had her hooked. Her love and knowledge of travel hacking actually came by accident. A serendipitous visit to an airport lounge sparked a conversation with a couple who were travel-hacking their way around the world. Megan found that learning and sharing travel tips and wins with others was (and still is) more valuable than any Google search!

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What is your favorite country or travel experience? Scotland. All of Scotland.

Do you have a favorite travel hack that you’ve done? Flying Virgin Upper Class from LA to the Maldives! I scored two $7,000 tickets for 89,000 Chase points.


's Articles

Traveled to 25 countries
Completely obsessed with flying business class for points
Has no problem answering, "What's your favorite country?"
Took a $13 flight for a $13 waffle
Fav type of travel: One-way ticket with zero itinerary
Saved $25,000 on flights & hotels using points