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Welcome back to our weekend round-up newsletter!

In fact, we’re just like The Weeknd—bougie, and with a voice like velvet—except we’ve got that additional “e” in our name… As it should be 🤷🏻‍♀️

A meme with The Weeknd making a sultry face and the words, "So why don't you sing me those travel hacks, babe."

Welp, I have nothing left to say except yessir—let’s get to it.

✅ Check out our new online Miles & Points 101 course (more on that below)!

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✅ Tune in to this week’s podcast where I join Mike and Megan to discuss which cards are in our wallets (it’s a lot of fun + informative!)

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🏆 Favorite pick of the week: NEW Miles & Points online course

We launched a FREE online Miles and Points 101 course earlier this week! 🎉

An image that shows a dark blue video thumbnail for our Miles & Points course

We talk a whole lot about (sometimes) complicated travel-hacking stuff in our newsletter, and if you’re brand new to all of this, we totally understand how overwhelming it can feel 😵‍💫

Even if you’re a seasoned miles and points aficionado, there’s always room to grow and new things to learn—and you might just walk away with some new tips after watching these videos!

This entire course has been lovingly and masterfully put together by Megan, our amazing Community Manager (also shout out to our Facebook Lounge!).

With this course, you’ll learn:

  • the only 2 steps you need to redeem miles and points like a pro 🤩

  • the fastest way to earn miles and points 

  • if you should be using portals or transfer points... and what the heck those are?!

  • advanced strategies to redeem miles and points

  • how to keep earning points for years

  • and more...

Not to mention, all our videos are under 15 minutes for efficient learning. We even share some of our top resources in there too.

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive resource that’ll teach you how to master all this travel-hacking stuff… We’ve got you covered 🥰

🏃🏻‍♀️ Runner-Ups

🥇Five ways to use five free night awards

A terrace pool with a sunset in the background with text overlay that says "Five Free Nights"

Free Night Awards, or FNAs, are a fantastic perk of many hotel programs, and in particular, are a benefit of certain hotel co-branded credit cards. This is literally a free night for you to use however you wish (in most cases).

I always joke and say that the word free is my favorite “F” word… 😉 And by joke, I mean I’m actually dead serious about that.

Free things in life are great.

In fact, one card right now has an elevated welcome offer that includes FIVE of these free night awards just for signing up for the card and meeting the spending requirement 🤯

To inspire some wanderlust in all of you, Mike decided to write about FIVE different ways to use these five free nights!

It’s a lot of fun to see where these FNAs could take you and also just draws up some good, old-fashioned travel inspo. Check it out! 👇

🥈 Heavily discounted Hyatt stays

Waterfront Hyatt properties with text that says "Save 20% on points"

Last week, I wrote a section about a super underrated hack—buying points.

A lot of times, this makes absolutely no sense. You’ll come out at a loss. It will suck. You will (probably) cry. The end.

BUT, when there are certain promos and bonuses going on, and the cash price of buying points is the cheapest option to book an accommodation… then it’s obviously a huge win 🤗

Well, right now, you can buy Hyatt points with a 20% bonus!

And I know, I know… 20% doesn’t sound that exciting… But Hyatt points are SUPER valuable.

And trust me, this is a great deal.

Mike details why this is a win and how you could save hundreds of dollars on your next Hyatt stay by buying some points. See for yourself 👇

📣 Quick Callouts

😎 Dope: Mike on the Move (Bali edition)

💡 Good to know: What is a “keeper card”?

🤓 Interesting: What hotel elite status should you go for?

😇 Helpful: Capital One app adds useful feature for their lounges

Alas, another week in the travel world comes to a close. It’s also been about a month since we launched our weekly newsletter, so I’m curious to know…

Do you have any feedback for us about the Daily Drop Weekend Round-Up?

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Have a great weekend, everyone! Next time we chat, I’ll be writing to you from the wonderfully gray and damp U.K. 👀

So until then… byeee.

Tiffany Eastham
Weekend Warrior

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