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✈️ New York's LaGuardia Airport has just introduced an exciting new lounge with luxurious amenities, including private Reserve Suites featuring caviar service and exclusive menus, setting a new standard for U.S. airport lounges. Read more about it here.

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✈️ New York's LaGuardia Airport has just introduced an exciting new lounge with luxurious amenities, including private Reserve Suites featuring caviar service and exclusive menus, setting a new standard for U.S. airport lounges. Read more about it here.

Good morning, and welcome back to Daily Drop! I hope you’re all having a lovely day.

Personally, I’m having a terrible day. That’s because I’m at Jakarta International Airport, about to leave one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. And it’s hard to say goodbye. 😭

Thankfully, I am going to bury my feelings and fill that void with some epic travel hacks:

🏨 Hyatt and Etihad launch a new joint promo

Hyatt is definitely our favorite hotel program here at Daily Drop. And Etihad is definitely one of our favorite airlines.

So you can imagine my excitement when the two of them decided to partner up for a joint promo. It’s a match made in heaven, really.

A screenshot fro the registration page fo the new Hyatt and Etihad partner promotion

Here’s the deal:

  • Earn 1,000 Etihad miles for every stay at Hyatt between February 1 and March 31, 2024

  • You must register for the offer between January 29 and February 29

  • You will still earn Hyatt points on top of Etihad miles

  • The miles will be credited to your Etihad account in 6-8 weeks

We don’t talk a lot about Etihad’s loyalty program, and for good reason: There aren’t a ton of ways to earn and redeem miles for outsize value.

Still, having an extra chunk of Etihad miles is not meaningless at all.

For example, you can fly on Etihad on medium-haul flights around the world at reasonable rates. This flight from Vienna to Abu Dhabi would cost you less than 10,000 miles.

A sample booking on Etihad from Vienna to Abu Dhabi for under 10,000 Etihad miles

Even if you don’t want to fly on Etihad at all, this could still be meaningful to you, thanks to Etihad’s various airline partners - including American Airlines.

That’s right, kids - you can use Etihad miles to fly on domestic flights in the U.S. based on Etihad’s award chart:

A screenshot of Etihad's partner award chart, which shows mileage pricing for airlines like American

For example, a flight on American Airlines from New York to Dallas clocks in at around 1,400 miles.

According to the chart, you could book the flight for as few as 15,000 Etihad miles, which isn’t bad!

Chances are, you probably won’t rack up enough miles from this promo to book a flight like this.

Thankfully, you can also transfer points from the following programs to Etihad to top up your balance:

Overall, there is no reason not to take 30 seconds and register for this promo. Even if you rack up one or two thousand miles, you never know when they might come in handy down the road!

✈️ (Targeted) Alaska is offering discounted fares and bonus EQMs

Alaska Airlines has been in the news quite a bit recently… and not for the right reasons… 😬

And apparently, they’re well aware of this - because they’ve just thrown out a targeted promotion to offer heavily discounted fares, along with another tasty bonus…

A screenshot from Alaska's email advertising the 40% discount promotion

As I mentioned, this is targeted. So you’ll want to check your email to see if you have received a discount code.

If you have, then here is how this works:

  • Receive a 40% discount on Saver fares

  • Valid for travel between February 8 and March 13, 2024

  • You must book your travel by TODAY, January 31st

If you’re a fan of Alaska, this is a great deal. A 40% discount is pretty significant, especially if you already need to book travel during that window.

For example, this flight from New York to Seattle comes out to $119 for the Saver fare.

A screenshot o an Alaska Airlines booking from New York to Seattle

With the discount code, you’d be able to book this long-haul flight for just $71, which is a fantastic deal.

But it gets even better… 😏

Those of you who have been targeted for this offer will also receive DOUBLE Elite Qualifying Miles during February.

A screenshot showing the second component of the promotion, which allows you to earn double qualifying miles toward elite status

So if elite status is important to you, this is also a great way to get an early boost toward 2025 status.

Overall, it would be great if this was available to everyone… but still, anyone who has been targeted for this deal should have no problem finding ways to make good use of it.

🌎 Where in the World Wednesday

Okay, you guys. I have a major “woah” moment for you… FareDrop just sent out a deal for roundtrip tickets from Miami to Paris for… $258.


A screenshot showing three flight deals from FareDrop, with a route from Miami to Paris highlighted for $258

That is a STEAL. It’s such a steal, it almost feels illegal.

It’s no surprise that Paris is a hot destination no matter the time of year, or what year. But it’s going to be especially popular in 2024 because of some small-scale, unimportant sporting events (that no one really knows of or cares about) happening this summer.

If you didn’t realize that I’m talking about the Olympics… then we have other problems.

But alas, whether you’re hoping to use this deal to get to the Olympics or not, here are some other ideas of how to spend your time in the City of Light.

Oh yeah.

I’m not gonna state the obvious here… like scaling the Eiffel Tower, catching a glimpse of the recovering Notre Dame Cathedral, or inhaling a ton of perfectly flaky croissants (though you definitely could and should).

I’m gonna suggest some lesser-known gems… because this is Daily Drop. And we are definitely not basic bish.

If you’re into ornately arranged skulls and other bones, then the Catacombes de Paris should be on your list. It’s slightly off-putting, but also hella cool.

An underground photo of the catacombs lined with bones

Are you an aspiring travel writer? The iconic Shakespeare and Company bookstore also doubles as the “Tumbleweed Hotel” where creatives congregate.

Do you think carnivals are cool or creepy? There’s a Parisian museum for that, and they even invite you to ride the rides 😬).

Or if you really want to screw with your senses, book a reservation at Dans le Noir—a restaurant that offers dinner in complete darkness 👇

A blackout image reresenting dining in darkness

An actual photo of the dining experience, lolz.

No matter how you spin a trip to Paris, one thing is certain—FareDrop will source out the cheapest flight to get you there 🤗

Curious about getting more amazing flight deals like this one? Sign up for FareDrop and see for yourself!


Do I have your attention? Good 😊

Did you know that Daily Drop has a YouTube channel? Check out our latest video for some visual travel hacking tips 👇

This week’s video covers one of the most popular topics here in the travel hacking world: Stopovers.

And if you are thinking this is the same thing as a layover, then think again… Stopovers are MUCH more valuable - and more complicated. Thankfully, Brendan does a perfect job of breaking it down for you. 👇

The thumbnail from this week's youtube video about booking Stopovers

That’s all for today, amigos! I feel like today was a classic, perfectly balanced Daily Drop! A little bit of hotel action, a little flight action, and some inspiration for a future getaway.

Is there a place you want to see us write about more?

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Love you lots ❤️

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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