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Found in 1919, KLM is the oldest continuously operating airline in the world! Happy 104th birthday to our Dutch friends at KLM!

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Found in 1919, KLM is the oldest continuously operating airline in the world! Happy 104th birthday to our Dutch friends at KLM!

Good morning and welcome back to Daily Drop! I know many of you were at the webinar yesterday, so I wanted to say a quick thank you to those who attended.

I personally had a LOT of fun, and I hope more of you keep attending in the future. You can stay in the loop by joining our Daily Drop online community.

Now onto the good stuff:

  • ✈️ Introduction to Travel Insurance

  • 🌍 Daily Drop Tournament Sweet 16 (part 2)

  • 🛳️ Cruise News: Rack up some United miles from your cruise

✈️ Intro to Travel Insurance

Today we’re going to talk about something that is pretty important to consider while traveling, and something that many of you have reached out with questions about…

I’m talking about the ever-confusing, always-elusive, tricky-to-navigate (but super important) travel insurance.

And as you all know, I get sick while traveling. I also just canceled a massive portion of my trip 🤷🏼‍♂️ So… yeah… travel insurance.

A lot of you have had questions like, “How do you get it? How do you then access it? Does it come with my travel credit cards? Or should I purchase additional coverage?”

Seriously, how the heck does travel insurance work?!

To be honest, it is a beefy topic. We’re talking your mom’s best “12-hour, slow-cooked, prime Sunday roast” level of beefy.

But fortunately, our team here at Daily Drop has put together a comprehensive guide that does all the good explainin’ of how travel insurance actually works (both with credit cards and independent plans!).

For the sake of our less-than-beefy newsletter segment, I’m gonna highlight some of the main items that our longer article talks about to give you a little sample taste of the big beef 💪

Typically, travel insurance (both cards and independent plans) falls into two categories:

  • Health/medical (medical treatment, travel accident, medical evacuation)

  • Trip protection (trip delay, cancellation, interruption, lost/damaged/delayed baggage, car rental insurance)

The super confusing parts come into play because how much coverage you get, for how long, and under what circumstances are laced in selective terms, exclusions, and other limitations 😒 

If you’re using a card, you’ve really just gotta read the fine-print deets and/or call customer service to confirm your coverage before you make a claim. This first step is super important (and don’t worry—we talk more about this in the article!).

We’ll also answer questions like:

  • What should you look for when comparing credit cards with travel insurance?

  • How do you submit a travel insurance claim?

  • What are the benefits of using credit card insurance versus an independent insurance plan?

We also specifically highlight seven credit cards that we found to have the best travel insurance policies.

Hopefully, this will give you a jumping-off point because trying to sift through the hundreds of cards and their insurance plans in order to pick the best one is… *inhale* exhausting, overwhelming, super-fun, love it 😅

Some of these cards also happen to be on our top cards page that we already love for having the best travel perks!

Seriously y’all, this is a great, in-depth resource all about travel insurance. And at this point, there’s nothing left to do but go read it! 👀

🌍 Travel Tournament Sweet 16 (part 2)

We’ve got our second round of Sweet 16’s to conquer, and I’ve also got a pretty sweet (as in cool, dope, rad… whatever the kids are saying nowadays 🥴) 16-themed joke for you. Ready?

Sixteen sodium atoms walk into a bar followed by Batma— 🎶 NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa BATMAN 🎶

If you don’t get it, kindly refer to the Periodic Table of the Elements. Did anyone actually enjoy chemistry in college? Or are you normal?

ANYWAY back to basketball, er— travel. Take a look! 👀

We’ve got some pretty dreamy locations and competitive credit card perks on the line so… You know the drill by now. Get to clickin’! 👇

1/4 - 🌎 Bucket List Destinations 3A

Both so different, but both so good.

Only Email Recipients can participate in polls.

2/4 - 🌎 Bucket List Destinations 3B

Are we going somewhere hot or cold?

Only Email Recipients can participate in polls.

3/4 - 💳 Credit Card Perks 3A

Why can't I have both in my life??

Only Email Recipients can participate in polls.

4/4 - 💳 Credit Card Perks 3B

Who's gonna take the cake?

Only Email Recipients can participate in polls.

🛳️ Cruise News: Rack Up Some United Miles from Cruises

You might remember a few weeks ago when we told you about United Cruises — an online portal that allows you to book, you guessed it, cruises and earn United MileagePlus miles all at the same time.

If you’re a United MileagePlus member or cardholder, any opportunity to rack up some bonus United miles is always a good opportunity, and that deal we told you about last time was a pretty sweet deal.

BUT it’s gotten even sweeter 🍬 Check this out!

United is slashing its previous miles-per-dollar deals and is giving you a chance to earn EVEN MORE.

On top of earning increased miles per dollar, United has also raised the maximum number of miles that a MileagePlus member or cardholder can get from booking through their cruise portal. What was previously capped at 45,000 miles has been expanded to 60,000 for cardholders 😱

That’s a whole boatload of miles right there 😉

So for example, if you’re a MileagePlus cardholder and you spend $6,000 to book a qualifying room(s) on a cruise for your family, you’d score that new maximum of 60,000 miles because… math… ($6,000 × 10 miles/dollar = 60,000 bonus miles).

I can tell you right now that 60,000 miles on United could get you a couple of (nearly free!) flights over to Europe from the U.S.

Even if you aren’t a cardholder, you can still earn an elevated rate of miles as a MileagePlus member. Plus, your max bonus miles have also increased from 25,000 to 45,000 😎

To make sure you get all these extra mileage perks, you need to book your cruise (with a qualifying room) between 3/15/23 and 3/31/23 with the actual cruise departing between 3/16/23 and 12/31/24. 

That’s all for today folks! I’m about to step onto one of the most exciting flights of my life - ANA’s “The Room” business class, which will take me all the way to LAX.

If you want to know how I booked it, make sure you tune in to tomorrow’s newsletter… It’s easier (and cheaper) than you may think. 😉

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day ❤️

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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