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Happy Presidents Day! In case you’re dying to know… Here are some fun facts about our Presidents and our beautiful National Parks.

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Happy Presidents Day! In case you’re dying to know… Here are some fun facts about our Presidents and our beautiful National Parks.

Happy Monday, y’all, and welcome back to Daily Drop!

If you weren’t aware, it actually is Presidents Day… so we’re taking a small break today from our normal newsletter.

But fear not… we’ve got a cool little somethin’ to share with you:

We’re launching a FREE Miles & Points 101 course! 🎉🥳

🎓 Free Miles & Points Online Course

YOU GUYS. I hope you’re as excited as I am because this is some seriously cool news.

I get it. We talk about a whole lotta stuff here in the newsletter. Like a lot.

It can be pretty overwhelming if you’re new to miles and points, and it might just feel like the Wild West at times 😵‍💫

Or maybe you’re a pretty decent travel hacker, but you feel like you’ve still missed a few steps…

Enter our new (free!) course that has been so lovingly and carefully crafted by our Community Manager, Megan.

A screenshot of our online course modules

And here’s a little taste of what to expect. You’ll learn…

  • the only 2 steps you need to redeem miles and points like a pro 🤩

  • the fastest way to earn miles and points 

  • if you should be using portals or transfer points... and what the heck those are?!

  • advanced strategies to redeem miles and points

  • how to keep earning points for years

  • and more... 

Plus all of the course videos are under 15 minutes for quick and effective learning, and we even share our top resources in there too! 🤗

We (obvi) love to travel here at Daily Drop, and we want you all to have all the best knowledge and tools to do the same!

So we hope you’ll enjoy having access to these modules all in one place.

If you do happen to get today off from work and want to spend it learning all about miles and points… we’ve got you covered 😎

Want to help Daily Drop take over the world? Share our newsletter with your friends/family/pets/colleagues/enemies and win some rewards in the process!

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…or you can just buy these prizes from our website if you want to keep us all to yourself. 😉

I know today was a bit different, but I really hope those of you who want some additional guidance on all things miles and points will take advantage of this course!

And I’m curious…

Is this a resource you're excited about?

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We’ll be back tomorrow with our regular newsletter, so until then… Have a lovely rest of your day.

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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