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🚨 Red Alert: EASY Southwest Companion Pass has returned!

Stop whatever the HECK you’re doing and read this red alert email.

You’re getting a double dose of Daily Drop today because…

Southwest’s highest level of elite status, the Companion Pass, literally JUST NOW became the easiest perk to earn…

All you have to do is sign-up for one of the airline’s popular credit cards 😮

Three credit cards on a blue background

But before I spill the beans on this RED-HOT news that just dropped, let me tell you a little bit about what the Companion Pass is and why people drool over the prospect of having it.

The Companion Pass allows you to bring a companion with you on EVERY flight you take, free of charge, for an entire year (or longer). It’s basically a year’s worth of BOGO coupons for Southwest’s flights.

The only caveats are that you still have to pay the mandatory (but minimal) taxes and fees per flight, and that you can only choose one person as your year-long companion.

So you can’t go choosing unlimited people to bring on different flights.

However, you can change this companion during the course of the year, but only a few times… so choose wisely 😏

And especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I think y’all know what you should get your significant other…

Since there’s NO LIMIT to how many times you can use this perk, the value you get out of it will depend on how frequently you fly.

For example, let’s say you and your companion fly this round-trip between Boston and Los Angeles.

Screenshot of example booking on Southwest

You could theoretically get about $600 of free flights from that one trip alone, let alone if you used the perk two, three, four, fi— you get the idea.

Now let me state this loud and clear: The Southwest Companion Pass is normally really difficult to earn. There are some shortcuts you can take, but there is simply no good way to earn it without flying on Southwest a LOT.

For reference, here are the normal requirements for earning Southwest Companion Pass, along with the two tiers of elite status below it:

Image showing requirements to earn Companion Pass

100 flights with a single airline in just one year is not an easy feat… Nor is earning 135,000 qualifying points, though that’s definitely easier than the former option.

But here’s the kicker: NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

I’m saying that because right now, there are a few credit cards that will give you a full year of Companion Pass just for signing up, along with a stack of Southwest points.

Will Ferrell mouthing " Say whaaaat?!"

That means:

  • ❌ No flights

  • ❌ No racking up qualifying points

  • ❌ NOTHING 

All you need to do is click a few buttons and meet a spending requirement. 

And once you meet said spending requirement, your Companion Pass is valid through February 25th, 2025.

Oh, and by the way, one of the cards only costs $69 a year to hold 🤯

As I mentioned, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED. But the offer is only valid for a limited time. 

So don’t miss your chance to get a year’s worth of free flights for you and your boo 👇

Peace out (again).

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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