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🦣 Nevada unveiled a new state park, Ice Age Fossils State Park, which opened on Jan. 20. It’s a 315-acre protected area with paleontological and historical resources, located near The Strip. Read more about it here

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🦣 Nevada unveiled a new state park, Ice Age Fossils State Park, which opened on Jan. 20. It’s a 315-acre protected area with paleontological and historical resources, located near The Strip. Read more about it here

Good morning and welcome back to Daily Drop, where we promise to be the Taylor to your Travis, the Timothee to your Kylie, the Kendall to your Bad Bunny – with one exception... this one's going to last. ❤️

Ok, ok, enough pop culture references. Let's get today started:

🏨 How to find rare Hyatt room availability

Generally speaking, finding hotel award availability is not nearly as challenging as with airlines.

The exception, however, is with top-notch, luxury hotels that EVERYONE wants to get rooms with.

Thankfully, there’s a tool out there that can help you find availability at bucket list properties around the world called

A screenshot showing the landing page of

Now if this name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard of the same company’s other tool - a fantastic way to find premium airline awards., however, is unique in that it’s the only tool out there that can find World of Hyatt room availability.

Here’s how it works:

All you need to do is select your preferences from a series of filters like hotel brand, number of nights you want to stay, Hyatt category, and country.

A screenshot showing the various filters for searching hotel award availabilty on

From there, the site will show you various properties and dates that fit your parameters, along with the cost of the room in both points and cash.

The real value of this tool comes with Hyatt high-end properties, which can often be hard to find available award dates for.

For example, one of the most sought-after hotels in the world by travel hackers is the Alila Ventana Big Sur, a Hyatt Category 8 property in California.

A photo of the Alila Ventana Big Sur in California

People in the travel community rave about this hotel all the time. Sadly, there aren’t many rooms at the hotel, which has a nightly cash cost of around $1,800.

As a result, all of the award nights tend to get booked very quickly, so finding space can be tough.

With, this problem is eliminated.

For example, I ran a quick search and found a number of dates in February and March where there is availability for a 3-night stay:

A screenshot showing the search results on for selected award nights at the Alila Ventana

If you were just searching random dates for random numbers of nights, you might not find these exact combinations of availability.

So if you have your eye on some of Hyatt’s amazing properties around the world and want a quick way to eliminate the headache of booking them, this tool should solve your problem.

FYI - also works for IHG and Hilton properties, but in my experience, I haven’t had as many issues with finding award space with them.

✈️ American Airlines Award sale (5k miles for flights)

Yesterday, I told you about an epic award sale being offered by Virgin Atlantic.

But who cares about seeing the world when we can get an even BETTER award sale right here in good ‘ol AMERICA?

American Airlines is offering a massive award sale for flights within the United States and Canada, with flights costing as little as 5,000 miles.

A screenshot from a recent AA email advertising flights starting at 7,000 miles

And if you are confused about the above image reading 7,000 miles and my last sentence reading 5,000 miles, don’t worry. I’m not that dumb.

Although AA is advertising flights for 7,000 miles, they’re showing tons of flights for less than that, including:

  • Los Angeles to Miami for 6,000 miles

  • New York to Miami for 5,000 miles

  • Chicago to Phoenix for 6,000 miles

  • Dallas to New Orleans for 5,500 miles

See for yourself 👇

A screenshot from AA's sale page highlighting some examples of discounted domestic routes

But there is some fine print to be aware of, so here are the deets:

  • This sale is only valid on flights in the 48 contiguous states and Canada

  • You must book your flights by January 31

  • Valid for travel through March 6, 2025

  • Discounted fares will be reflected in the normal search results

So here’s the bottom line:

This is a GREAT chance to save a ton of miles on domestic flights, even for dates more than one year away.

Since American Airlines allows you to cancel awards for free, there is no reason not to lock in some travel plans, even if they’re only tentative.

🤓 Travel Trivia Tuesday

Which airport tops the list as the most likely to experience turbulence, according to a report analyzing turbulence levels on 150,000 airline routes?

Only Email Recipients can participate in polls.

It's no surprise that the number one spot involves flying over the Rockies. Plus, a recent report from travel tool Turbli has unveiled the top 10 routes most prone to turbulence.

A photo of a plane going through turbulence

Leading the list is the route from Nashville (BNA) to Raleigh/Durham (RDU). Turbulence, as we all know and hate, can occur unexpectedly even in seemingly clear skies.

Here are the Top 10 Turbulent Routes:

  • Nashville (BNA) to Raleigh/Durham (RDU)

  • Charlotte (CLT) to Pittsburgh (PIT)

  • Denver (DEN) to Puerto Vallarta (PVR)

  • New York (JFK) to Raleigh/Durham (RDU)

  • Warwick (PVD) to Syracuse (SYR)

  • Atlanta (ATL) to Dulles (IAD)

  • Pittsburgh (PIT) to Raleigh/Durham (RDU)

  • New York (LGA) to Portland (PWM)

  • Boston (BOS) to Syracuse (SYR)

  • Boston (BOS) to Philadelphia (PHL)

Have you flown any of these routes?

The report also highlights global airports most likely to experience turbulence within 100 kilometers of the hub. Santiago (SCL), Medina (MED), and Tokyo's Narita (NRT) claim the top three spots. Denver (DEN) is the only U.S. airport in the global top ten.

Serious injuries from turbulence occurred 17 times in 2022—the highest since 2011. Despite the turbulence, experts assure that modern airplanes can navigate through it without damage, which is comforting.

Read more here about last year's turbulence stats.

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That’s all for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed the fun fact about turbulence, helpful travel hacking tool, and discounted award flights today.

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