The BEST two-card combo for Southwest fans

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Welcome back to Keeping Up with the Daily Drop-dashians…

…or is it Keeping Up with the CARDashians 👀

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I am so sorry that I did this to all of you (and myself 🙄).

Either way, we might be travel-hacking divas, but we keep you coming back for more of the best deals, news, and hacks each week.

Admit it, you just can’t get rid of us (like the real Kardashians), so let’s dive right in!

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🏆 Favorite hack of the week: The BEST two-card combo for Southwest flyers

Two blue and gray card graphics on a blueish-green background

If you love Southwest, listen up!

There is a two-card combo that stands above the rest when it comes to Southwest loyalists.

They’re so good, they have the potential to be the only cards you’d ever need in your wallet… 👀

Spoiler alert: The obvious thing here is that you’ll want a card that earns you Southwest points.

But you’ll also want a card that earns flexible points that can then be transferred to Southwest… or a handful of other hotels and airlines—like this card.

If you want to actually know why this could be the most lucrative combo for you (and all the perks and benefits you’ll get along the way), Mike does a fantastic job of breaking it all down here!

🏃🏻‍♀️ Runner-Ups

🥇 March Top Cards Update

Credit card graphics fanned out with a green ombre background

There’s been a lot of movement in the credit card world this month.

We saw both an airline card and a hotel card dethrone the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card for the first time in a while.

Even just two days ago, there were some additional hotel cards (this one and this fancier one) that boasted increased welcome offers 👀

If you’d like to go look for yourself, check out both our Top Cards Page and our Elevated Offers Page to see which cards made the list!

If you’d like a little nudge or some advice as to why some of these cards should find a home in your wallet, read our full newsletter section here.

🥈 The luxury of Emirates at a reasonable price

First of all, let’s get this out of the way…

No, you don’t have to be a wealthy and poshly-dressed older man in a Ralph Lauren sweater and khakis to experience the luxury of Emirates.

But damn. That’s a nice-looking seat.

Unfortunately, a lot of Emirates’ seats are out of reach for many because almost ALL of them go through Dubai. This creates longer routes for those of us based in the U.S., and therefore much more expensive redemption options in order to snag a seat like this.

However, Emirates is launching a new fifth freedom route from Miami to Bogota, Colombia… and this is actually quite cool for many reasons.

One of them being that with a flight time of just under four hours… this route unlocks opportunities to fly Emirates’ amazing seats for way WAY less than the other U.S. routes that would likely take you all the way over to Dubai 🤗

Mike shares all the deets on this from earlier this week, so if you’ve been longing to experience Emirates’ business class, now could be your chance to do so at a STEAL.

📣 Quick Callouts

❌ Expired: Bilt’s March Madness Rent Day

❌ Expired: Southwest’s 30% off flash sale

💡 Good to know: Fear not if your app kicks you out mid-booking

🤗 Don’t miss: Get a $500 statement credit for spending $100 on Alaska Airlines

😎 Cool: MGM hotels are now bookable with Marriott points

🤓 Interesting: What’s the snowiest country in the world?

🔥 Act now: Transfer your MR points at a 15% bonus to Avianca LifeMiles

☹️ Sad day: Hyatt devalues a bunch of properties

Thanks for joining us for another Weekend Round-up! I’m off to have a proper afternoon tea while here in England, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend as well.

Bye, my loves ❤️

Tiffany Eastham
Weekend Warrior

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