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Gooood morning, everyone!

Shout out to all of you who went to work this week in order to pay for your next plane ticket 🙃

But actually… with the BIG credit card news that happened on Thursday, you might not have to pay for your flights at all 😏

Let’s dive right in.

✅ Go make your travels happen and sign up for our most popular credit card (that currently has an elevated welcome offer!!).

✅ Feast your eyes on these SIX epic transfer bonuses right now!

✅ Buy Aeroplan points with up to a 100% bonus (actually good value).

✅ Learn how to find (and book!) this 35k award drop to Tokyo in business class.

✅ Catch up on our latest YouTube video about how to use Rakuten and how to turn your cash-back into MR points instead!

🏆 Favorite pick of the week: IT’S HAPPENED—our most popular travel credit card has an elevated offer!

A blue outline of a card on a blue background with a question mark

The bluest of blue gems…

If you’re someone who blacks out from excitement… PLEASE SIT DOWN BUT KEEP READING 😵‍💫

This freaking card is like the Tupac, Serena Williams, and Robert De Niro of credit cards…

It’s literally the GOAT.

And it’s currently offering 75,000 bonus UR points after you meet the spending requirement. We usually only see one elevated offer a year on this card, and the time is now.

No matter if you want a quick, extended weekend away or want to fly halfway around the world, this card can get you there—and for nearly free 😎

It’s just such a valuable card, y’all. In fact, it’s so valuable, that we have an entire resource full of NINE reasons why this card should have a home in your wallet 👇

P.S. if you want our take on the new top three cards for the month of May, check out that update here.

🏃🏻‍♀️ Runner-Ups

🥇Cruise News: Book a Virgin cruise for 89k points

Now I know a lot of you out there are cruise people. Whether you’re cruisin’ and boozin’ or just cruisin’ and snoozin’, or both… it’s usually a good time had by all.

And right now, Virgin Voyages is offering several cruises around the world at super discounted rates… with points.

A virgin cruise ship on the water

For example 👇

  • 5-day Caribbean cruises for 115k Virgin points

  • 7-day Mediterranean cruises for 120k-160k Virgin points

  • And… even longer cruises for 280k-300k Virgin points (but that’s just excessive, no?)

I’m going to guess you’re probably thinking, “But uhh… you said 89k points?”

Yes, yes I did.

And that’s because there are currently TWO 30% transfer bonuses from both MR points and UR points over to Virgin Atlantic 😎

So throwing in one of those transfer bonuses will bring the overall points required down, which is awesome.

There are a few more important details to know about this deal, including how to actually book it, so if this interests you at all, you can find the entire breakdown here.

🥈 Doubling down on status matches

What’s better than one status match? Well, how about two status matches??

The first one belongs to Flying Blue (a great airline loyalty program, btw). But… it’s only available to residents in 18 countries 😬

Screenshot showing Flying Blue's homepage status match

Turns out the U.S. is not one of them. But Canada is!

Honestly, I’m happy for you Canadians. You seem to miss out on a lot of these deals, even though a lot of the time you’re the more deserving.

…unlike America who acts like the weirdo downstairs neighbor that just can’t get their 💩 together most of the time.

But if you’re in an eligible country (you can check here) and are interested in learning how you can get Flying Blue status for 12 months, you’ll find the details here.

Now onto the Hilton status match 👇

Screenshot showing Hilton's status match with a blue tropical water background

This one is pretty good, because if you’re able to get it, you could have Hilton status through March 31st, 2026 🤯

No, that’s not a typo—2026, y’all.

In a nutshell, if you hold status with another hotel program and you register for this status match, you’ll automatically have 90 days of Gold elite status with Hilton.

Remember, you can get automatic hotel status just by holding certain credit cards too (like this one, for example).

AND THEN, if you stay a certain number of nights within those 90 days, you’ll keep that status until 2026 🎉

Here are those 90-day requirements:

  • Stay 8 nights to keep Gold status

  • Stay 14 nights to get Diamond status (woah)

There are some nice benefits to be had with Gold status, but there are some pretty baller benefits to be had with Diamond (which normally requires you to spend 60 nights a year in Hilton hotels).

So if you’re interested in pursuing Hilton’s status match, you can find more details here.

📣 Quick Callouts

What a CRAZY week in the travel world with all the major updates and other exciting deals, huh? It’s been exhausting to keep up with it all!

But anyway, have a wonderful first weekend in May, and I’ll see you all next time ❤️

Tiffany Eastham
Weekend Warrior

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