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AmericInn, a Wyndham company, is looking for one family to participate in a state fair tour around the U.S. and entertain followers on social media while doing so. Interested? You can read more about it here.

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AmericInn, a Wyndham company, is looking for one family to participate in a state fair tour around the U.S. and entertain followers on social media while doing so. Interested? You can read more about it here.

Goooood morning and welcome back to Daily Drop!

I know people are all excited about their recent Barbenheimer weekend, but here at Daily Drop, we're dropping travel hacking bombs every day. And, it's always a party.

Let's see what today holds:

  • 💳 Bilt Rent Day (and it’s a good one…)

  • ✈️ Want to learn how to travel hack around the world?

  • 🌎 Sponsored by Babbel

  • 🖼️ Meme

💳 Bilt Rent Day (and it’s a good one…)

▶️ If you want an easy-to-digest overview of the Bilt Card and Bilt Rewards program, make sure you check out our YouTube video about Bilt (yes, we have a Youtube channel… 😉).

As you know by now, Bilt makes the first of every month feel like Christmas with their Rent Day promotions.

Sometimes, these Rent Day promos are… let’s just say… meh.

Others, however, are freaking amazing. And that’s exactly how I’d describe the upcoming August Rent Day, which offers a HEFTY transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic.

Here’s the deal…

On August 1st, you can transfer points to Virgin Atlantic. The exact ratio of the transfer bonus will be based on your Bilt Elite Status.

Woah… Bilt elite status? What is that?

It doesn’t matter… most of you are probably NOT elites. Thankfully, even plain Jane Bilt members with NO status can still earn a 75% bonus.

In case you DO somehow have Bilt status, the bonus gets even better…

Every Bilt member without any status is a “Blue” member, just FYI.

Obviously, this is great. I don’t think I need to elaborate too much on how good of a deal this is.

But I will anyway…

You can book flights from the U.S. to Europe for just 10,000 Virgin Atlantic miles each way. With this transfer bonus, you’d only need to transfer 5,700 Bilt points (assuming you don’t have any elite status) to book such a flight…

Sample booking from New York to London on the Virgin Atlantic website

That is an AMAZING deal, and maybe the most valuable Bilt transfer bonus we’ve seen so far given the value of Virgin Atlantic miles.

This is all well and good, but what if you don’t have any Bilt points to transfer?

That brings me to something I need to address with you folks…

Many of you think that because you don’t rent in the U.S. or don’t have a Bilt Card, you can’t earn Bilt points, which is FALSE.

You don’t need the Bilt Card to take part in this promo, nor do you need it to earn Bilt points.

In fact, I personally don’t have the Bilt card. 

And yet, I transferred 3,000 Bilt points to Hyatt a few months ago and used them to book a room at the Hyatt House in Paris for an overnight layover, saving me over $200.

How did I earn these Bilt points without the Bilt card? Easy:

  • Simply by signing up for a free Bilt account and linking your loyalty programs, you can earn 1,400 Bilt points (100 points for each program you link).

  • By linking three credit cards to the Bilt wallet (the tab within the Bilt app that allows you to store credit card info), you’ll earn 300 more Bilt points (without actually using the wallet or spending a cent).

  • Every Rent Day, you can earn 350 points by playing Point Quest, their once-monthly trivia game.

  • By linking your Lyft account to Bilt, you’ll earn 2x points on all Lyft rides, no matter what credit card you use

  • Anyone can use Bilt’s travel and dining programs to earn Bilt points through the portal.

  • If you pay rent and your building/landlord is part of the Bilt Alliance, you can earn 250 points per month for paying your rent through Bilt (with no fees), even without the Bilt card.

I’ve only done a small handful of Lyft rides and travel portal bookings through Bilt. Those, combined with the points from linking accounts, earned me enough Bilt points for a free hotel night in Paris.

Now are you convinced? 😏

Of course, if you do have the Bilt Mastercard, you can earn WAY more Bilt points…

In fact, the Bilt Card has some of the best earning rates on normal, daily spending categories - comparable to some of our favorite cards, but without an annual fee.

Given the various ways Bilt has offered EXTREME outsize value for those points recently, I think anybody who lives in the U.S. should be looking at the Bilt Card…

✈️ Want to learn how to travel hack around the world?

Earlier today, I sat down for a couple of hours to do an activity that I suspect many of you aren’t familiar with—applying for international visas.

You see, even as an American, there are TONS of countries around the world that you cannot enter without the proper visa ahead of time.

Personally, I needed to get visas for Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, all of which I’ll be visiting in September.

This is just one of MANY topics related to international travel that we’ll be covering today at 3:00 p.m. EST in our Masterclass about ALL things international travel.

So tune in today (or watch the recorded version later) if you want to get the lowdown and some awesome travel tips for heading abroad. 👇

🌎 Sponsored by Babbel

I have a fun vocabulary word for all you eager language learners:


A person who tries and tries to speak many languages while not being able to maintain a conversation in any of them. The term has now come to be spelled trylingual.

Do I get a slow clap for that one? A meager chuckle? 🙃

If you actually want to try learning a second language (or a third), Babbel is your best bro for the job!

Here’s why we love Babbel 🧡

  • Babbel teaches bite-sized, 10-minute, real-world-use lessons

  • You can also learn with Babbel’s podcasts, games, videos, content articles, and live online classes

  • Learners of all levels can use Babbel with its customized approach

  • You’ll learn about a country’s culture and traditions in addition to its language (we really like this meaningful focus)

  • Users report being able to start having basic conversations in their target language after just three weeks of daily practice with Babbel

RIGHT NOW, they’re running another sale that’ll get you 55% off your subscription!

But hurry! These things don’t last forever. You don’t want to miss out on this awesome language-learning opportunity 👇

🖼️ Meme

amazing… 🤣

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That’s all for today! I feel bad when people tell me that they don’t earn Bilt points because they don’t rent or don’t have the Bilt card… I feel like it’s a huge missed opportunity, so I hope today’s newsletter helped to clear some things up!

Have you ever messed around with Bilt points?

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Have a lovely day <3

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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