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Hey there! I’m Nate, the founder of Daily Drop, but I’m better known as Nate from Kara and Nate.

Let me tell you how this whole thing came about…

Back in 2014, I was getting married, and I had one job:

To plan the honeymoon.

This posed a problem because I was cheap (and a recent college grad), so I had very little money.

That’s when I stumbled into the world of miles and points. When I booked our first flights using points, I still remember looking around on the plane thinking, “I CANNOT BELIEVE IT ACTUALLY WORKED!”

It felt like I had found a cheat code to life!

And after the honeymoon, Kara and I had the travel bug bad!

So over the next two years, we saved up two million miles and points and $35,000 and left for a full year of travel. Little did we know that eight years later we would still be traveling full time making YouTube videos.

Before we left to travel, I relied heavily on a few people who had been open and honest about how they afforded full-time travel, so I wanted to do the same.

I started posting quarterly income and expense reports on our website, which shows exactly how much we were able to save using miles and points.

In some of our earlier videos, I would talk more about how we used miles and points to afford travel, but in general, most of our audience wanted to see more of the travel experiences and less about how we were able to travel.

So, miles and points started showing up less and less in our videos, but we were still earning and redeeming them for (nearly) free travel all the time behind the scenes.

Fast forward to 2022, we had traveled to over 100 countries and had been lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on some of the most epic trips in the world.

Along the way, we inspired millions of people to have their own amazing travel experiences (which is still unbelievable - thank you to everyone who has watched us 🫶).

This was four years ago 😳

But… We realized we could be doing a better job helping people with the “how” to travel more.

I knew the answer was the same answer I came across ten years ago—miles and points—but what could we give back to the community? A decade ago, there were a few websites putting out good miles and points content, but times have changed and people don’t check blogs on a daily basis anymore.

What I personally needed was something short and simple to keep me up to date with all of the best news and deals that were going on in the miles and points world…

And so, Daily Drop was born. 🎉

If you don’t know, it’s an email newsletter that teaches readers how to maximize miles and points in less than 5 minutes a day!

Now Daily Drop is much more than just a newsletter! We have a whole team of people who are obsessed with miles and points (maybe even more so than me 🤯)!

The Daily Drop/FareDrop team!

We truly put out the best miles and points content on all your favorite platforms 👇

Plus, my favorite resource that would have literally saved me weeks of time when I was first learning about all of this, is our FREE Miles and Points 101 course!

Daily Drop is something that I wish I had founded even sooner. There’s nothing better than that first miles and points redemption, and now I get to see people have that experience all the time!

Courtesy of Daily Drop readers in our Facebook group.

Now let’s answer a few FAQs:

“No way this is possible nowadays. Everything is more expensive, and I’ve heard points aren’t as powerful as they use to be. Is that true?”

Not true! The best strategies and redemptions are always changing, but that’s why we write a newsletter to keep you up to date. Our head writer flew 105 flights last year booked with miles and points.

“I only travel occasionally… Is it worth it for me to get into miles and points?”

Definitely! Even though a lot of our team travels way more than the average person, miles and points are absolutely for the occasional traveler as well! The best way to earn miles and points is actually through your everyday spending. We recommend signing up for a travel credit card and earning a sweet welcome offer by putting all of your daily spending on your card to earn as many points as possible each year.

“If you were just getting started, what card would you sign up for?”

As long as you have built credit for a year or so, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. It earns arguably the most valuable points, you can hold it forever and get great value, and its welcome offer of 60,000 points is worth at least $750 in free travel!

Cheers to starting your miles and points journey here!

— Nate Buchanan
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