Nate Buchanan

Daily Drop Founder

Nate got his start in the travel-hacking world after doing some initial research on how he could afford an amazing honeymoon on a newlywed’s budget. After a bit of skepticism, he took the plunge and signed up for his first travel credit card (and got that sign-up bonus, of course!).

A $6 flight (that he booked using miles and points) sealed the deal, and since then, he’s learned everything he can about earning and redeeming miles and points for cheap flights and accommodation. The travel hacks that got him that first $6 flight have grown into landing some of the best business and first-class seats in the sky. Watch Nate (and Kara!) travel the world on YouTube.

What is your favorite country or travel experience? If I was forced to choose, I would say Antarctica. It felt like we were on a frozen safari!

Do you have a favorite travel hack that you’ve done? My first time flying first class, I redeemed 85,000 points to fly Emirates from Athens to New York. I don’t think anything can beat flying in first class for the first time!


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