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😸 American Airlines has updated its pet policy! Now, passengers flying with pets can also bring a full-size carry-on bag into the cabin, alongside their furry companion. Read more here.

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😸 American Airlines has updated its pet policy! Now, passengers flying with pets can also bring a full-size carry-on bag into the cabin, alongside their furry companion. Read more here.

Good morning, and welcome back to Daily Drop!

I got the chance to meet up with a handful of Daily Drop readers this past weekend, and I just want to say:

It’s always amazing to hear from people who read this newsletter, get value from it, and enjoy it. Whenever I meet more of you, it makes me even more excited to sit down and write it every day.

So thanks for being here with me ❤️ 😊

Now onto the important stuff:

✈️ 25% discount on Southwest award flights

If there’s one thing I know about you people, it’s that you go crazy for Southwest. And I get it, I was also a Southwest fanatic when I lived in the U.S., and they remain one of my all-time favourite airlines.

Especially when they offer hefty discounts on award flights… 😏

Southwest 25% award sale

That’s right folks! Right now, you can get a 25% discount on Southwest award flights - but with a big catch… Here’s the deal:

  • You must book your flights by TODAY

  • Travel must take place before September 30th

  • This sale only applies to flights in the continental U.S. (no international, Alaska, or Hawaii 😭)

  • There are some blackout dates…

  • You must use promo code SAVE25NOW to see the discount

Overall, this is an excellent deal… Southwest already has some fairly attractive rates for award flights in the U.S., so an extra 25% discount is a no-brainer.

For example, you could fly from Chicago all the way to Palm Beach for just over 5,000 points, which is fantastic.

Southwest MDW-PBI for 5k points

Or if you live on the east coast, shorter hops between cities like Boston and Baltimore only run around 4,000 points with the discount… which is also amazing.

Southwest BOS-BWI for 4k points

Even if you aren’t fully able to commit to a trip, it might be worth speculatively making some bookings since Southwest has such friendly change and cancellation policies.

Overall, this is a wonderful opportunity for Southwest fans to cash in some of their points for excellent value. Just make sure you book your flights by today to lock in these tasty prices.

🌏 Wooh! Daily Getaways is back!

It’s that time of year again, kiddos!

I’m talking about the time of year when the U.S. Travel Association launches their “Daily Getaways” promotions, which offer us travellers some unique opportunities to buy points, gift cards, travel experiences, and more at pretty solid rates.

Daily Getaways 2024

Here’s how it works:

For the next three weeks, a different set of deals will be announced each week.

Each day of the week, there will be a limited number of “packages” available to purchase for each deal, on a first-come, first-served basis.

This week, the following deals will launch:

Daily Getaways Week 1 deals

As you can see, today included the purchase of Hilton points at half a cent each.

You may remember just last week when I told you that Hilton is currently having a points sale where they are offering the same price.

So, the only reason you should jump on this Daily Getaways deal is if you’ve already purchased the maximum number of points from Hilton, since these packages don’t count toward that limit.

Similarly, tomorrow’s deal is various packages of IHG points.

Daily Getaways IHG points sale

Like with Hilton, they are selling points for half a penny each, which is a price we often see IHG sell them for.

Again, these packages of points do not count toward your annual limit with IHG.

And unlike Hilton, IHG isn’t currently offering a points sale - so this could be good timing for anyone who can get outsize value for IHG points.

For example, if you were planning a trip to Tokyo in the near future, you might see some RIDICULOUS prices for hotels…

This property in Tokyo costs between $400 and $500 per night, but only around 53,000 IHG points.

Sample IHG hotel in Tokyo

Since buying 55,000 points would only cost $275 (one package of 50k points and one package of 5k points), you could come out WAY ahead with these expensive properties.

I personally stayed at an IHG hotel a couple weeks ago that only cost me 3,750 points per night.

Holiday Inn in Semarang for 3,750 points per night

If I were to buy a package of 100,000 points, I’d be spending $500 for a potential 27 nights at lower-tier IHG properties, or around $18 per night…

That’s a pretty extreme example, but I hope it illustrates the range of value you can get from a sale like this.

Moving on…

The rest of the week includes deals at MGM hotels, theme park tickets, and more.

So if any of these deals interest you, I’d recommend being ready at your computer first thing in the morning to try and snag the deals before it’s too late.

You can find the deal pages here.

😆 Meme


There is truly no better feeling in the world…

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That’s gonna finish up this Monday edition of Daily Drop. I hope some (or all) of you are able to hop on both of today’s deals.

I’m personally eyeing those IHG points after all of the value I’ve been getting from IHG recently…

Anyway, take care and I’ll see you tomorrow ❤️

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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