Airlines are poaching Delta customers left and right

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🎙️ The Daily Drop Podcast has officially been born into existence. Click here for links on where to listen (or stream), or keep reading below for more details!

Good morning, and welcome back to Daily Drop. I don’t know what the heck happened overnight, but we basically got bombarded with awesome deals. It’s honestly a little much…

But we’ll share a few of our favorite offerings with you today:

  • 💸 Southwest 50% discount (TODAY ONLY)

  • ✈️ Alaska and JetBlue: Status matches for former Delta loyalists

  • 📱 Amazing piece of history on the social media

  • 🎙️ We started a podcast

💸 Southwest 50% discount (TODAY ONLY)

Southwest is back in business with another GREAT opportunity that doesn’t need too much explanation:

Until the end of the day today, you can get a 50% discount on Southwest flights… including both cash and award bookings.

Here are a few key points:

  • Valid for travel between October 24, 2023, and March 6, 2024

  • You must book by the end of the day TODAY

  • Use promo code WOW50 on the search page

  • There are blackout dates (😭)

  • Valid for cash AND award bookings

All I can say is… wow. This is freaking AWESOME.

First of all, the travel window is HUGE… Obviously, blackout dates are somewhat restrictive, but still. The vast majority of the next six months are fair game.

The fact that this also applies to award bookings makes this much more enticing than most normal airline promotions, too.

For example, you could fly from New York to Chicago for as little as 3,500 points one-way:

Or maybe you live in the Northeast and want to head down to sunny Florida and go to Disney World (I’ve been told is a thing that people actually like to do).

You could fly from Boston to Orlando for just over 2,000 points one-way! What the heck?? That’s amazing!

I know many of you have Southwest credit cards because of some amazing offers we’ve seen this year.

This is a great opportunity to put those points to great use, especially if you have a Companion Pass.

Alternatively, you can transfer points to Southwest from this bank. Normally, it’s not the most valuable transfer partner. But given the cheap fares with this deal, I’d definitely consider it.

Just make sure you book by the end of the day today to get this discount. Even if you’re tentatively looking at plans, Southwest’s policies are so flexible that I’d lock something in now and worry about changing it if necessary down the road.

✈️ Alaska and JetBlue: Status matches for former Delta loyalists

If you hold Delta status and are feeling a bit miffed from the recent changes to Delta’s loyalty program, you’ll want to tune into this 😏

Both Alaska Airlines and JetBlue have come out with status match offers to salty Delta flyers… or former flyers? 😬

Their marketing has been quite cheeky, actually, with JetBlue mentioning that “breaking up is hard to do,” and Alaska taking a jab by saying they’ve “always believed that loyalty is about more than just revenue, and earning elite status shouldn’t require a second mortgage.”


But also, Delta did this to themselves, and out of it came some extremely generous status matches. Let’s look at the details.

Alaska Airlines status match

From now until October 31st, Alaska is letting Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Diamond Medallion elites match to their own top-tier MVP Gold 100K status 🤯

That is a baller move. Because this level of Alaska eliteness has never been offered as a status match before… like ever. 

It’s also great to see that this isn’t a status challenge—there’s no flying or spending requirement to keep it through 2023.

However, if you’re hoping to extend this status through 2024, you do need to hold Alaska’s credit card (find it on our Airlines Card page), or at least get it by December 31st, and also have confirmed Delta status for 2024.

It’s also important to note that with these qualifications, Delta Silver Medallion elites will be matched to Alaska MVP Gold, and Delta Gold Medallion elites will be matched to Alaska MVP Gold 75K—each boasting plenty of perks and benefits of their own.

Here’s a handy little chart that Alaska has laid out for us👇

Per usual, there are some limitations to certain perks if you status match in this way (e.g. not being eligible for Alaska’s choice benefits or upgrades on American flights, etc.). You can read more of the fine print here.

But to take advantage of this, you must apply and submit proof of your SkyMiles status by October 31st, 2023!

JetBlue’s status match

Alaska isn’t the only one capitalizing on Delta’s devaluation! JetBlue is offering a little Netflix and chill opportunity for Delta flyers to cozy up with their TrueBlue program and gain Mosaic status 💕

But if you’re eligible, make it happen sooner rather than later!

And that’s because JetBlue’s Mosaic status match will be capped at the first 30,000 Delta elite members who apply, or until October 31st—whichever happens first.

Here’s a breakdown of the status match tiers:

  • Delta Silver Medallions ➡️ Mosaic 1

  • Delta Gold Medallions ➡️ Mosaic 2

  • Delta Platinum Medallions ➡️ Mosaic 3

  • Delta Diamond Medallions ➡️ Mosaic 4

That status will be valid until December 30th, 2023, unless you meet the status challenge requirements of either having or opening a JetBlue Plus or Business card (by Dec. 30th) or earning a designated number of Tiles 👇

By meeting the challenge, your Mosaic status will then be valid all the way through 2024 🎉

If you aren’t familiar with JetBlue, their Mosaic status is based on spending requirements in the form of Tiles that progress you through the status levels.

For example, members receive one Tile for every $100 spent on JetBlue flights and other purchases through the airline, but this jumps up to one Tile for $1,000 spent on JetBlue credit cards.

Normally, reaching Mosaic 1 requires 50 tiles, so you can see that you’re getting a pretty good bargain at needing just 6 Tiles to keep Mosaic 1 status through 2024.

If you want to browse the different Mosaic status perks, you can find ‘em on JetBlue’s site here.

And even if you aren’t deadset on doing the work to prolong these status matches through 2024, they’d sure be nice to have even through the end of 2023 😎

📱 Amazing piece of history on the social media

Our Facebook Community Manager, Megan, shared this amazing reel with me the other day.

It’s a news report from three decades ago when credit cards were first becoming mainstream, and I think it’s hilarious to look back on, given how immensely popular and widely accepted they are now…

🎙️ We started a podcast

That’s right, folks. By popular demand, we’ve OFFICIALLY launched The Daily Drop Podcast!

This is very new for us, and we want to hear your feedback so we can keep making it better for you all.

So please send an email to and tell us what you like about it and what you’d like to see more of in the future, and I promise we’ll listen. 🥰

And guess what? We’re listed pretty much everywhere you can get podcasts, including on the YouTube for those of you who don’t mind staring at my ugly face for an hour. 🥴

Simply search for “the Daily Drop Podcast” on Apple Music, Spotify, or Amazon Music, or click this button to find direct links to the pod:

That’s all for today, friends! I’m currently chillin’ in Zimbabwe here at Victoria Falls, another World Wonder off the list!

Have you been to any wonders of the world?

If so, which one(s)?

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