How to get a 50% discount on Virgin awards

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🇯🇵 American Airlines is launching a new flight route between New York and Tokyo, giving travelers expanded options to visit Japan this summer, including connections to over 30 cities across Japan and East Asia. Read more here.

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🇯🇵 American Airlines is launching a new flight route between New York and Tokyo, giving travelers expanded options to visit Japan this summer, including connections to over 30 cities across Japan and East Asia. Read more here.

Good morning from the most important train ride of my life… This train is taking me to Montreal, where I’ll begin my 35-hour Qsuite adventure to Bali… 🤩

If anything goes wrong, you won’t receive another email from me. Because my computer will be broken. From water damage. Because of my tears.

Anyway, let’s finish off the week strong, shall we?

✈️ How to get a 50% discount on Virgin Atlantic flights

I’ve never flown Virgin Atlantic before… But you know who has?

Our community manager, Megan.

In fact, I reckon she’s probably the world’s foremost expert on all things Virgin-branded.

A meme about how Megan loves Virgin Atlantic

Naturally, she knows all the cool hacks around the Virgin brand, including (apparently) some that I had never even heard of.

Yesterday, she enlightened me on the subject of Virgin Atlantic’s AMAZING Companion Award Tickets.

And if you’ve never heard of these either, you’ll want to pay attention…

A screenshot from Virgin's "Companion Award Ticket" page

Here’s how it works:

If you use miles to book a flight on Virgin Atlantic, you can add a companion to your flight for 50% of the normal miles required.

Before you do a double backflip out of excitement, there are a few (fairly reasonable) caveats:

  • The taxes and fees are not discounted

  • There are specific dates of the year when this is valid

Considering how reasonable Virgin’s redemption rates are to begin with, this is pretty shocking to learn about.

So, let’s take a look at just how good of a deal this is.

Here is the companion ticket award chart, showing ROUND-TRIP rates between the U.K. and other regions like the U.S.

A screenshot of Virgin's Companion Award chart

(Remember, these are ROUND-TRIP prices)

As you can see, a one-way economy ticket from the U.S. to the U.K. will only run you 5,000 miles one-way… which is bonkers.

That means that if there’s a 30% transfer bonus going on (like there is right now), you’ll only need to shell out 3,800 points for your companion to fly to Europe with you. 🤯

As I mentioned earlier, there are restrictions on which dates you can book this deal.

Having said that, the date ranges are pretty generous, as you can see:

A list of Virgin's Standard date ranges for Companion award tickets

Even if you want to use this deal during “peak season dates,” it’s still not a terrible deal, which you can check out on this page.

Overall, this is a great way to save your valuable miles and turn a solid deal into an AMAZING deal when flying with more than one person on Virgin Atlantic.

🍪 Tasty Travel Tidbits

🌏 Where in the World Wednesday Thursday

Yes, it’s Thursday. And yes, we’re butchering the alliteration for our normal Where in the World Wednesday section…

But I have a feeling you’ll forgive us because right now, there are a buttload of cheap fares to Europe during peak spring and summer travel 👇

FareDrop cards with cheap fares to multiple European cities on a gray background

Plus SO many other cities!

We grabbed just a few FareDrop deals we’ve seen come through this week (including business class to Paris!) that were worth sharing.

To be able to fly roundtrip to some of Europe’s most popular cities for around $500 or less is bonkers.

Seriously, Athens for $450?! 🤯

The airfare prices of the 2022 and 2023 summer seasons were like the equivalent of getting sucker punched in the throat.

So yeah… this low fare trend so far is a welcomed relief (and surprise).

In fact, as our team sat around and had dinner together this past weekend, we couldn’t help but notice all the app and email notifications we were all getting from FareDrop!

It’s a crazy time to be alive, but if I can fly to Europe this summer for a cheap cash price… I’m glad to be here livin’ through it.

💡 What is FareDrop? In case you don’t know, FareDrop is Daily Drop’s sister company and properly scours the internet for the best and cheapest airfare around the world. The only work you have to do is make the booking once you’re notified 🙂 Check out FareDrop!

😎 Travel Pro Tip Alert!

Y’all have heard of a vacation, even a staycation, and perhaps even a baecation

But have you heard of a DAYcation??

What if I told you there was a way to experience the world’s best hotel and resorts for the day—no overnight stay required 👀

Lucky for you all, that thing does it exist, and it’s called ResortPass.

A women submerged underwater in a pool with text overlay that says "ResortPass"

ResortPass offers exclusive day passes to 1,300+ of the world’s top resorts starting at just $25.

You’ll elevate your travel experience with poolside cabanas, the spa, and more!

And if you’re staying local? You can escape the ordinary right in your hometown with ResortPass 🙌

Right now, we have an exclusive offer to provide our Daily Drop readers that includes getting $20 off on bookings of $100 or more!

All you need to do is use code DAILYDROP20 by March 26th.

So if you’re excited to just get away for the day, get your ResortPass now 👇

That’s all for today, friends! I love it when I learn about epic new travel hacks that offer us evergreen ways to save money and/or points on flights.

For now, I’ll leave you alone and get back to my train ride…

Have a lovely day, and I’ll see you (a little later) tomorrow morning ❤️

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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