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✈️ Southwest Airlines recently launched Southwest Airlines Renewable Ventures (SARV) to invest in sustainable aviation fuel with a goal to replace 10% of jet fuel consumption by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Ok, SW - we see you! Read more about it here.

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✈️ Southwest Airlines recently launched Southwest Airlines Renewable Ventures (SARV) to invest in sustainable aviation fuel with a goal to replace 10% of jet fuel consumption by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Ok, SW - we see you! Read more about it here.

Good morning sunshines, and welcome back to Daily Drop! ☀️

Before we jump in, I just want to say thank you to all of you who came out to our meetup in Atlanta this past weekend.

It was a PLEASURE talking with so many of you and hearing your travel stories and goals.

If that wasn’t cool enough, we also had our first full gathering of the Daily Drop team, which was the first time most of us met each other in person.

A photo of the Daily Drop Team

Many beers were consumed in the making of this photo

Between our meetup, my presentation at the Travel & Adventure show, and the trip back home, my body and brain are pretty destroyed. So today will be a quickie.

But don’t think that means that I don’t have some good hacks for you 😉

🏨 A new Vegas hotel joins Hyatt

Vegas, baby. You either love it, or you hate it. Or you’re like me and you have no opinion on it because you’ve never been there.

But I think there’s one thing we ALL love, and that’s our favorite hotel chain adding new properties in popular destinations.

Specifically, the Rio Las Vegas is now fully participating in the World of Hyatt program. Wooh!

The Rio LAs Vegas Hotel

Here’s why this is significant…

Ever since Hyatt unexpectedly parted ways with MGM, a number of good resort properties (mainly in Vegas) have disappeared as options to book with Hyatt points.

The Rio, however, makes up for some of that loss with a freshly renovated, 2,500-room property for Vegas fans to enjoy.

Since it is participating in Hyatt’s loyalty program (as a Category 3 property), you can now redeem as few as 9,000 Hyatt points for a night.

An example of th Rio Hotel costing 9,000 points per night

But I’d COMPLETELY advise against spending your Hyatt points on this hotel.

And I’ll tell you why…

One of the many benefits of Hyatt Globalist status is waived resort fees. Since the Rio is a resort property, this perk kicks in and often accounts for well over half the total cash price.

For example, a room often sells for around $60-70 per night. If we look at the price breakdown, however, we see that more than $45 of that price is the resort fee.

A screenshot of the price breakdown, showing that the resort fee accounts or more than half of the cash price

So, if you have Globalist status, you can stay here for just over $20 per night.

This is also a great and cheap way to rack up elite night credits if you want to hit elite status for next year.

In fact, you could essentially “buy” Globalist status every year for $1,200 just by booking cheap nights at the Rio. Obviously, that’s ridiculous (and it takes too much time in Vegas), but the point is still valid…

Anyway, here’s the bottom line:

Hyatt added a new property in Las Vegas. This means two things:

  1. We now have thousands of Hyatt rooms in a city where most of Hyatt’s portfolio recently disappeared.

  2. If you have elite status, you can rack up cheap elite nights at this hotel to boost yourself toward status renewal (and Hyatt’s valuable milestone rewards).

💳 [TARGETED] Rack up 2,000 bonus points

One of the best ways to justify paying hundreds of dollars on credit card annual fees is using the unique perks and credits that come with the cards.

Sometimes, cards even offer unique, targeted opportunities to earn bonus points or save money.

For example, right now, many cards that earn MR Points have been targeted with this offer to earn an additional five points per dollar on Amazon purchases.

A screenshot of a targeted card offer to earn 5x bonus points at Amazon

As you can see, the offer is capped at 2,000 bonus points, meaning you’d need to spend a total of $400 to rake in the full bonus.

400 buckeroos at Amazon is super reasonable for many people, especially if you already have an expensive purchase in mind.

Like I said, this is a targeted offer - so you’ll want to log into your app and check all of your cards that earn MR Points to see if it’s available to you and enrolled in the offer.

An extra 2,000 bonus points (worth roughly $40 if used with transfer partners) is a nice chunk of change to help offset those pesky annual fees, so definitely take advantage of it if you can!

🤯 The highest credit card limit in the world

Did you know that even airlines have credit cards?

I don’t mean co-branded cards like the ones we sign up for…

I mean they USE credit cards themselves for purchases in the millions, tens of millions, or even HUNDREDS of millions of dollars…

A gif showing someone "making it rain" with money

In fact, I recently read this article about Delta, which uses a credit card with a $1.1 billion credit limit to purchase fuel for their planes. 🤯

It’s fun to read about, and (nerd alert) it makes me really curious about what kind of rewards they’re earning and how they’re using them…

Anyway, check out this article for some more info (and funny zingers) about this ridiculous credit card.

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Alright, friends. I’m falling asleep over here, so I’m gonna let you go now. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow for more epic travel hacks.

Love you lots ❤️

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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