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💳 Guess which travel card I just signed up for? I’ll give you a hint… It’s number two on this page… and it’s incredible.

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💳 Guess which travel card I just signed up for? I’ll give you a hint… It’s number two on this page… and it’s incredible.

Goooood morning and welcome back to Daily Drop, the hippest newsletter on the block. You know something’s cool and trendy when it describes itself as “hip…”

Here’s what we have cooking today:

  • 🌎 How to status match to get SkyTeam benefits

  • ✈️ Quick Hacks: Earn an easy 6,200 AA miles

  • 🇪🇪 Where in the World Wednesday: Tallinn

🌎 How to status match to get SkyTeam benefits

We’ve talked extensively here at Daily Drop about status matches, which allow you to use your existing elite status to get comparable elite status in a different program.

While this one is a bit more obscure, there is CERTAINLY still value to be had… more than you might think.

Just trust me.

Right now, you can match elite status from a whole plethora of programs to Asante Rewards, the loyalty program of Kenya Airways.

Woah… Kenya Airways?? Why should you care about this at all?

Because Kenya Airways is part of the SkyTeam alliance.

This means that by holding elite status with KA, you’ll get to enjoy perks when flying with other SkyTeam airlines.

For reference, SkyTeam includes airlines like Delta, KLM, Air France, Aeromexico, Korean Air, and many, many others.

If you have elite status with any airline program, all you need to do is:

  1. Create an Asante Rewards loyalty account and

  2. Send an email to asante@kenya-airways.com, attach proof of your elite status (I always use a screenshot from the airline app), and explain that you’d like to match your status.

When doing step two, make sure you include your Asante Rewards member number so they know which account to award elite status to.

After hearing back from Kenya Airways, you’ll have elite status for 12 months, which is pretty sweet.

If you match to the Gold or Platinum tier of Asante, you’ll get SkyTeam Elite Plus status, which offers some amazing benefits when flying with SkyTeam airlines like Delta:

  • Priority check-in

  • Priority boarding

  • Seat selection

  • Priority security

  • Extra baggage allowance

As you can imagine, this could be incredibly valuable, even if you only have a few flights to use these perks on.

I did a similar status match earlier this year (through Delta) and was able to reap the SkyTeam perks when flying in South America on LATAM airlines.

So don’t underestimate the power of a good status match, no matter how obscure it may sound.

✈️ Quick Hacks: Earn an easy 6,200 AA miles

Right now, there’s a super easy way to earn a fat stack of AA miles on the cheap. Here’s how:

If you sign up for a Motley Fool Stock Advisor subscription through the AA portal for $79, you’ll earn a whopping 6,200 AA miles.

For reference, this is like buying AA miles for 1.2 cents each, assuming you don’t care about the Motley Fool product at all. If you do want the subscription, even better!

Buying miles normally costs way more than this, even when they offer a discount.

So here’s my recommendation:

Sign up for the subscription now, rake in the miles, and set a reminder for yourself to cancel the subscription (either after the miles post or as the one-year mark approaches).

6,200 AA miles are almost enough to book a one-way flight in the U.S. or on partner airlines around the world, so this is a great chance to top up your balance or start building your balance from scratch.

🇪🇪 Where in the World Wednesday: Tallinn

If any of you jumped at the chance to join FareDrop for 50% off this past week, we’ve got a treat for you today…

And that treat comes in the form of our favorite app highlighting a crazy good deal to Tallinn, Estonia! 🇪🇪

When people ask me about my favorite city in Europe, I tell them Tallinn.

It’s got the gorgeous European architecture, but none of the crowds. It’s got the style and hip feel of Scandinavia, but without the insane prices. It’s truly your poster child for an awesome city.

It’s all cobbled and colorful and gorgeous, but you can also eat a giant turkey leg with your bare hands and fish a pickle out of a barrel at Olde Hansa if you want to embrace its (your?) more barbaric side.

If beer is your thing, Tallinn has one of my FAVORITE breweries in the worldPõhjala Brewing… my mouth is watering just thinking about it… 🤤

Not only does Tallinn have the most festive Christmas market (and oldest Christmas tree!), but it also has some especially quirky things to do no matter what time of year you visit.

If you’re into secluded and hidden art galleries, check out the Ichthus Art Studio which lives in the cellars beneath Tallinn’s medieval monastery.

There’s also a retired seaplane hangar that has been revamped into Estonia’s Museum of Maritime Historyand it’s freaking stunning.

You could also visit a museum of banned books from around the world and sit on a bench that’ll play a song from famous composer Frédéric Chopin based on where your butt lands.

Last year, I even went scuba diving in an underwater prison just outside of Tallinn (with some Daily Drop readers I met there!!). 👇

Shoutout to Adam and Abby, the other two in the photo!

So yeah, there’s really something for everyone there.

Of course, Tallinn has so many other incredible sites to see, but you can find those on any ordinary touristy list… and we aren’t ordinary 🙃

Feeling inspired?? Me too. Click the button. Go to Tallinn 🇪🇪👇

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That’s gonna finish off this Wednesday. I LOVE a good status match. It’s such an easy way to earn benefits on your flights without any of the normal work.

Have you ever done a status match?

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