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The Faroe Islands are… closing… for a bit this year. Well, closing to all but 80 volunteers, and you could be one of them! Learn more here.

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The Faroe Islands are… closing… for a bit this year. Well, closing to all but 80 volunteers, and you could be one of them! Learn more here.

Good morning from Beijing, China! I’m not going to lie… this place has been extremely challenging to be in as a foreigner… But that’s all part of the beauty of travel, I guess!

Before the government shuts down my internet access, let’s talk about travel hacking:

🏨 Hyatt’s new 24% sale

If you couldn’t tell by now, we love Hyatt here at Daily Drop.

So you can imagine our excitement when Hyatt launched a tasty sale, offering a 24% discount at a ton of properties around the world.

screenshot from Hyatt's "Private Member Sale" landing page

Here are the details:

  • Get a 24% discount and free breakfast at hotels in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

  • Valid for travel between January 12th and May 6th, 2024

  • You must book your stay by January 29th

  • Use promo code SALE24 when searching on Hyatt’s website

  • Bookings are prepaid and non-refundable

Overall, this is pretty sweet.

Although it isn’t a global sale, the fact that it covers Europe and the Middle East means that it’s going to apply to many travelers, especially those of you looking for a cheap Spring Break getaway to Europe.

Personally, I might take advantage of this sale when I’m in the UAE next month. I found some pretty solid rates in Dubai at properties like this one for only around $100 a night.

A screenshot from a sample booking from a Hyatt property in Dubai

If you want to head over to a country like Germany during Spring Break, there are also excellent deals there.

In Frankfurt, you could stay at this Lindner Hotel right in the main plaza for just $130 a night, which is an excellent deal for a big city during an otherwise expensive travel window.

A smple ooking of a Lindner hotel in Frankfurt for $130 per night

The fact that this rate also includes free breakfast means that even members without elite status can get extra value for their money.

Of course, the major downside is that the rate is non-refundable, so you’ll want to hold off on booking until you are absolutely sure of your plans.

Otherwise, this is an excellent way to save some bucks and get some extra value for your upcoming international hotel stays this Spring.

🍪 Tasty Travel Tidbits

✈️ Southwest 40% sale (Today Only)

It looks like Southwest was jealous about all the hype JetBlue got with their sale last week… They’ve just launched a flash sale with similar restrictions… but better!

A screenshot of th landing page for southwest's new sale

Here are the deets:

  • Book by TODAY using promo code WOW to save the following on select Southwest flights

    • 40% on Tuesday/Wednesday travel

    • 30% on Monday/Thursday travel

    • 25% on Saturday travel

    • 20% on Friday/Monday travel

  • Valid for travel between January 30th and May 22nd (though there are quite a few blackout dates, which you can see here)

  • This applies to both cash and award bookings (yay)

Overall, this is a great deal… if you can pull the trigger today and, ideally, if you can travel on Tuesday and Wednesday to snag that full 40% discount.

For example, this flight from Boston to Nashville only costs $88 with this discount, which is a pretty sweet deal.

A smple booking from Boston to Nashville for $88 on Southwest

Of course, many of you will be stoked about the fact that this also applies to award bookings.

For example, you could snag this flight from Seattle all the way to Chicago for under 5,000 Southwest points one-way, which is also a steal.

A sample booking on Southwest for 4,700 points with the current sale

Another key point to be aware of is the fact that the sale amounts by day of the week only apply to continental U.S. bookings.

If you want to head over to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or one of Southwest’s international destinations, you can still get a pretty solid 30% discount.

So here’s my recommendation:

Even if you have prospective trips coming up in the next few months, lock in some of these low rates, and you can always cancel them later. 🤷🏼‍♂️

That’s all for today, folks! Next time you hear from me, I’ll finally be rid of this cold-ass weather. And I cannot wait.

Where are you heading for your next trip? Let me know by replying to this email or reaching out to us on social media.

Take care and see you tomorrow! ❤️

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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