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Wooh! 🎉 You’ve made it to another weekend! I hope you’re having a lazy morning, enjoying your favorite warm drink, and snuggling up with a cat (or five).


You’re making your way to Atlanta to come hang with the whole DD team at the Atlanta Travel and Adventure Show!

Whether you’re at home or on the move, let’s look back at what happened in the travel world this past week.

✅ Check out these current transfer bonuses.

✅ Score some flights with ANOTHER Southwest sale (book by March 14th)!

✅ Score some MORE cheap flights with Flying Blue’s March promos.

Go browse our elevated offers page for a couple new cards that made the list…

✅ Catch up on our latest YouTube video that provides a cheeky little review of one of our favorite travel credit cards for both newbies and experts alike.

🏆 Favorite hack of the week: Award Drop (Turkish Business Class!)

A sleek looking grey business class suite

This is a nod to a future newsletter we’re hoping to curate that will bring you loads of alerts for amazing award drops just like this one!

Earlier this week, we got word that Turkish Airlines opened up a ton of availability for spots in their beautiful business-class seats on routes from the U.S. to Istanbul.

Sometimes, it can be insanely hard to find award availability at all, but to find it at an incredible point valuation?

Madness. Absolute madness. 🤯

Here are the big things to know:

Which routes are available?

Many of Turkish’s long-haul routes passing through Istanbul are available, including most major U.S. cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and more.

When can you book these seats?

The bulk of the availability is between December of this year and February of next year, but there is also decent availability earlier in the year, including some in the spring.

How many points will it cost?

As a member of Star Alliance, Turkish flights are available to book with a number of programs for as few as 63,000 miles 👇

  • Avianca LifeMiles: 63,000 miles

  • Turkish Airlines: 65,000 miles

  • Aeroplan: 70,000 points

  • United: 88,000 miles

If this interests you at all, Mike does a little more explaining in our original newsletter as to why this is so valuable.

🏃🏻‍♀️ Runner-Ups

🥇American Airlines Award Sale: 500,000 tickets starting at 5,000 miles

A white plane with American's logo flying through the air

I’m getting straight to the point because this award sale has limited seats… 500,000, to be exact.

American Airlines has launched a flash sale for its AAdvantage members where you can book select domestic and short-haul international (e.g. Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America) one-way flights starting at just 5,000 miles!

Dozens of eligible cities and routes are available online, and to see this impressive list, you can check out their dedicated page here.

There really is something for everyone ☺️

And fortunately, there are just a couple of main terms and conditions to know about:

  • You have until March 15th to book a qualifying economy seat using AA miles

  • Departure days must be on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday (HECK yeah) in April or May 2024

  • That’s it!

FINALLY, an award sale that doesn’t only apply if you fly on a Tuesday between 1:00 - 3:00 a.m. and only if you offer up your first-born son (human or animal).

Another important thing to know is Bilt is the only transfer partner of American, so your choices to move points around are limited.

However, if you also happen to have one of the airline’s credit cards (or just a stack of their points already in your account), this is a great opportunity to snag a super cheap award redemption for your spring travels!

🥈 Marriott is giving away Taylor Swift Tickets

Screenshot of the Marriott and Taylor Swift partnership to enter for tickets

There are tens of millions of Swifties in the world, and y’all will do anything to defend your homegirl…

I don’t mean to cause Bad Blood with any of you, but… dare I say I’m not as obsessed. I just don’t feel as Enchanted by her, ya know?

I don’t want to pose as an Anti-Hero, but honestly, I think I like her most for her cats, which is no surprise since both Mike and I have made it known that we are self-professed cat ladies.

But I DO love the fact that Marriott is giving away free tickets AND trips to a handful of Taylor Swift concerts around the world—exclusively to its members.

If you’re hoping to fulfill your Wildest Dreams, simply fill out this form to enter!

Or you can read our full newsletter section that provides more details on what exactly Marriott is offering.

Good luck, and I hope Karma is on your side! (Okay, maybe I do listen to some of her songs… 😉)

📣 Quick Callouts

❌ Expired: JetBlue $50 discount on round-trips

😏 Clever: Booking a 9-week trip with ONE card

🤗 Inspiring: Where in the World Wednesday: Florence, Italy 

😏 Lucrative: [Targeted] Get over 22,000 MR points by booking with ITA Airways

🤓 Smart: When you should actually be buying points to come out ahead

😡 Bad: WTF is going on with bag fees

I hope a few of you weekend warriors will make it to Atlanta to meet all of us behind the super successful, insanely funny, and one-and-only Daily Drop! 🙃

Will we see you in Atlanta??

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If not, I’ll catch you all in your inboxes next weekend from another lovely city in Europe.


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Weekend Warrior

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