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Welcome back to another Weekend Round-Up! Also… happy first weekend of JUNE 😳

Time sure flies when you’re having fun, and I hope that’s what we’ll continue to bring you here at Daily Drop.

Speaking of fun travel times… Let’s get into the latest and greatest 👇

✅ Buy some Marriott Bonvoy points with a bonus until July 24, 2024.

✅ If you’ve never heard of Points.me, you’ll want to check out our latest YouTube video to learn why this is one of the best tools to use with your miles and points!

✅ A few transfer bonuses ended on Friday, but there are still A TON to take advantage of.

🏆 Favorite pick of the week: NINE reasons why you need this card in your life

I get it. Some of you might be tired of hearing about this awesome cardbut some of you might not be!

Perhaps you’re on the fence about whether it makes sense to get this suuuper popular card in your wallet.

Or maybe you’re new to this whole “using miles and points for nearly free travel" thing.

Either way, in this new resource, we give you not five, not even eight… but NINE reasons why this card is like the most powerful blue lightsaber in the travel galaxy.

And if you’re already a cardholder of this blue travel gem, I still think this is a fantastic resource to learn how to get the most out of this card.

So if you’re lookin to learn… go check it out 😎

🏃🏻‍♀️ Runner-Ups

🥇You can FINALLY transfer your Avios between Finnair and British Airways

Oh, Avios—the point currency for British Airways, Qatar, Iberia, Aer Lingus, and Finnair whose name likely derives from something aviation-based.

Otherwise, I have no idea how they landed on the word Avios 🤷🏻‍♀️

It makes this group stand out, sure. But Finnair is standing out even more right now because as of this week, you can now freely transfer Avios between Finnair and British Airways! 🎉

Screenshot of Finnair's site to convert Avios

If it wasn’t clear, you couldn’t do that before.

And though that’s exciting as is, it’s even more exciting because this opens up the ability to technically transfer to ALL Avios programs (by going through British Airways).

You might wonder, why do I care??

Well, not only does Finnair offer good routes from the U.S. and a great product (both in business-class and economy), they’ve got another advantage over British Airways… Substantially LESS $$$ required in taxes and fees.

A business-class flight on British Airways could cost you 62,500 Avios + $1,000 in taxes and fees; whereas the same flight booked through Finnair would only require $141 🤯

Example booking showing 62,5000 Avios + 141 USD

What the eff? I know…

If you’d like more details about how to set up and pair your accounts and a few more examples about why this is so exciting, head over to this week’s full newsletter section to read all about it.

🥈 One of Mike’s favorite strategies for stretching his miles and points

A blue world map on a pink and purple background

It’s true—our golden miles and points boi is spilling the tea on how he conserves and stretches his points to be able to travel nearly full-time.

And it makes absolutely no sense for me to paraphrase here about what he wrote when you can read his own words for yourself…

But I will say that a lot of his strategy involves letting the deal decide the destination… 👀

Many of us miles and points nerds use similar strategies in this travel game, but if you want an interesting read where you’ll undoubtedly pick up some helpful tips, check out Mike’s newsletter section HERE.

📣 Quick Callouts

And that wraps up another week in the travel world!

Now go and enjoy the rest of this first weekend in June, and I’ll see all of you next time 🥰

Tiffany Eastham
Weekend Warrior

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