Welcome to the weekend!

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💡If this piqued your interest, hop over to Tuesday’s newsletter to see how Mike actually uses this tool to book a luxury place like this one without the hassle.

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🎉 Welcome to the weekend!

If you’re here reading this, be honest with yourself. You probably just wanted to wake up and spend another morning with us 😏

Maybe you’re actually just that time-crunched traveler or stay-at-home cat mom (just me?) who struggles to keep up with the daily news.

With our weekend edition, you can expect the best highlights from the week, all wrapped up in a perfectly cozy newsletter.

It’s gonna be fun and casual (like any desirable weekend should be), so I look forward to spending some lazy, weekend mornings together (but not in a weird way 😉).


✅ Get your tickets to come hang with us at the Atlanta Travel & Adventure Show on Saturday, March 9th

✅ Catch up on last week’s YouTube video all about FOUR different ways to book a Hilton stay… for ZERO dollars

✅ Bless your ears with this week’s podcast that covers… drum roll, please… CREDIT SCORES

🥇 FAVORITE pick of the week: How to find rare Hyatt room availability

We get a lot of questions about how the heck we find award space when it comes to both flights and hotel stays.

You may have heard of Seats.aero before (a fantastic way to find premium airline awards), but have you heard of its counterpart for hotels… 🤔 

It is aptly named… Rooms.aero. So creative, I know.

Generally, finding hotel award space isn’t as stress-inducing as it is for flights. BUT, if you’re trying to get an award redemption at top-notch, luxury properties that EVERYONE wants… then that’s another story 😬

In this case, Rooms.aero is an EXTREMELY useful tool when it comes to snagging award nights with high-end Hyatt properties.

One such property is the ever-popular Alila Ventana Big Sur—a Hyatt Category 8 property in California.

I mean just look at this thing 👇

An aerial view of a high-end property surrounded by greenery

You could properly label it as fancy-ass, indeed.

The cash price for a single night alone can cost you $1,800 🤯 But by using Rooms.aero… you could put your hard-earned points to use and book it FOR FREE without the headache.

💡If this piqued your interest, hop over to Tuesday’s newsletter to see how Mike actually uses this tool to book a luxury place like this one without the hassle.

🏃‍♀️ Runner-Ups

Hyatt’s BIG expansion: They’re taking over the world in 2024

If you’ve been reading Daily Drop for any length of time, you know by now that Hyatt has a literal chokehold on many of us on the DD team 🙃

We like Hyatt. Like, A LOT.

And some of those reasons are its stand-out, fixed award chart (a rarity these days among hotel loyalty programs), plus the ability to transfer both Bilt points and UR points (from a card like this one) to its program to book free stays.

So it was super exciting to hear that Hyatt is expanding its program across nearly all continents in 2024—that’s 70+ new properties!

Meme of Julie Andrews dancing in a field

This just means more opportunities for more people to get solid redemptions on award bookings all around the world 😎

Want the full deets on this? Head to this newsletter to get the low-down.

Delta is offering bonus MQDs for flights to/from the Pacific Northwest

Nothing screams the PNW like dressing in The North Face, driving a Subaru, and sipping a Starbucks coffee in a grey, wet environment.

As a fellow Washingtonian, I can confirm: January here sucks. BUT the rest of the year is fabulous.

So if you’re planning an upcoming trip to the upper left U.S. and are a fan of Delta, the airline has a nice little promo going on right now 👇

A screenshot of Delta's MQD's boost promo

Courtesy of Delta

In short, Delta is offering travelers 10% bonus MQDs in economy class (Main Cabin) and 20% bonus MQDs in Comfort+ and First Class on select flights to/from the PNW if you:

  • Register for the promo

  • Book by February 1st, 2024

  • Travel from February 2nd through March 15th, 2024

These are the cities that qualify:

  • Flights originating in the U.S. 50 states to Seattle (SEA), Boise (BOI), Eugene (EUG), Spokane (GEG), Medford (MFR), Portland (PDX), Pasco/Tri-Cities (PSC), or Redmond (RDM)​

  • Flights originating in Seattle (SEA), Boise (BOI), Eugene (EUG), Spokane (GEG), Medford (MFR), Portland (PDX), Pasco/Tri-Cities (PSC), or Redmond (RDM)​ to the other U.S. 50

Get the full details of this promo on Delta’s website here. 

📣 Quick Callouts

I hope you all enjoyed Daily Drop’s first weekend round-up newsletter! I’m currently preparing to hunker down for a cold and rainy one here. But alas, it is (thankfully) the last weekend of January 🎉 

Before you go, tell me…

What are you doing on this fine weekend?

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Catch ya’ next weekend!

Tiffany Eastham
Weekend Warrior

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