What the heck is a shopping portal?

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🌎 NASA will be hosting several events at Niagara Falls for the 2024 Solar Eclipse - all of which are free to the public! Interested? You can read more about it here.

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🌎 NASA will be hosting several events at Niagara Falls for the 2024 Solar Eclipse - all of which are free to the public! Interested? You can read more about it here.

Good morning and welcome to Daily Drop, the travel newsletter with the sleekest, sexiest website in the industry.

Oh… did you not hear about our new website? 😏 More on that in a minute…

But for now:

  • 🤩 New Daily Drop website (and why you should care)

  • 🛒 What the heck is a shopping portal?

  • ✈️ You can now book Hawaiian flights with JetBlue points

  • 🌎 Where in the World Wednesday

🤩 New Daily Drop website (and why you should care)

I’ve got great news. We have a new website. And I gotta say… It’s STUNNING.

In all seriousness, this project has been in the works for longer than any of us would like to admit.

But we felt that it was important to bring you a more beautiful, functional, and robust website - with some exciting new features.

Not only is the site much easier to navigate, but we’ve also built a database of helpful points and miles of resources to help you learn about any topic under the sun - and we’re constantly adding more.

For example, we now have guides to:

  • ALL of the major bank point programs

  • Transfer partners

  • Major hotel and airline programs

  • Trusted Traveler Programs

  • More

So go take it for a spin and tell us what you think (only if it’s positive—we can’t handle harsh criticism quite yet 😇).

🛒 What the heck is a shopping portal?

We’ve been tossing around a lot of talk about shopping portals lately… Shopping portals are a great way to maximize your travel rewards and even save substantial amounts of money.

But navigating the world of portals can be… overwhelming… to say the least.

I get a lot of questions like:

  • What does this have to do with travel?

  • Which portal should you use?

  • How do you know which one has the best reward rate?

  • Should you earn cash back, points, or something else?

  • What are some tips for making it easier to do?

Rather than waste your precious time writing a long, tedious section about this, we recorded a podcast episode. It’s less than 20 minutes long and answers ALL of the questions above… and includes a few fun tips to take this hack to the next level.

So, go check that out by clicking the image above (or clicking this link). If you like it, I’d REALLY appreciate it if you leave a review on whichever platform you listen on. I promise I read all of them, and your feedback helps us keep improving our content.

Enjoy! 😘

✈️ You can now book Hawaiian flights with JetBlue points

JetBlue… you saucy dog… I like the cut of your jib.

In another surprising turn of events, JetBlue has recently added functionality to book Hawaiian Airlines flights on their website using your JetBlue miles.

This comes just a couple of weeks after they launched their confusing partnership with Qatar Airways.

Clearly, JetBlue is trying to become a major player in the game.

Between launching flights to Europe, revamping their loyalty program, and adding more partner airlines, it’s a very exciting time to be a JetBlue flyer.

But back to the Hawaiian partnership.

Overall, it seems like they have some reasonable reward rates. For example, you can fly from the West Coast to Hawaii for just 20,000 JetBlue points one-way on a nonstop Hawaiian flight.

If you’re looking to book some short hops between Hawaiian islands, you can book those for as little as 5,000 JetBlue points, which is not too shabby.

If you have a stash of Hawaiian miles, you probably won’t be too excited about this, and you might notice that the rates are a bit higher than what Hawaiian charges.

The difference is that JetBlue points are much easier to earn.

Not only does JetBlue have a MUCH larger route network (meaning more people are flying them and earning points that way), but they also have more transfer partners, making it easy to turn your bank points into JetBlue points.

Overall, this is quite exciting. I love to see JetBlue making such strides, and I can’t wait to see what they pull out of their hat next. ✈️

🌎 Where in the World Wednesday

So, FareDrop, you’re thinking about taking us to Montreal, eh? Well, buckle up and get ready for a ride, because this city is like a bag of poutine—crispy, cheesy, and oh-so-addictive.

And in case you weren’t aware, FareDrop is also having a hella cool Black Friday Sale. (If you want more deets, check out Monday’s newsletter).

So really, it’s the perfect time to sign up and start getting notified of cheap flights all over the world. Plus, you’ll get some extra goodies right now because… ‘tis the season 🎁

But Montreal… it has the charm of Europe without all the jet lag. It’s like that cool cousin who speaks both French and English, giving you the best of both linguistic worlds.

And the freaking poutine—it’s fries, it’s gravy, and it’s cheese curds—the ultimate Canadian comfort food.

But don’t forget about the literal cult following for Montreal bagels.

What else… take a stroll through Old Montreal, Jean-Talon Market, Saint-Laurent Boulevard, or even Mount Royal Park.

Montreal also loves a good festival, and a good Biodomeand an underground city.

These things are all just a glimpse of Montreal’s coolness (and coldness, because… winter is coming).

No really, when winter arrives, Montrealers transform into Michelin Man lookalikes to brave the cold, bundled up with all their layers.

So what are you waiting for?? Let FareDrop help decide your next destination with discounted flights all over the world.👇

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That’s all for today, folks… I’m still waiting for the waterfall of Black Friday deals to unload on us… so far, it’s been pretty tame in the travel world…

Still, I’m pretty pumped about today’s news, and I hope you are too.

Have a good rest of your day, and I’ll talk to you first thing on Turkey Day. 🦃

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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