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🇰🇭 Cambodia opened a new airport, the Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport, to serve Angkor Wat. Located just 25 miles east of Angkor Wat in the northwestern province of Siem Reap, it’s Cambodia's newest and biggest airport! Read more here.

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🇰🇭 Cambodia opened a new airport, the Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport, to serve Angkor Wat. Located just 25 miles east of Angkor Wat in the northwestern province of Siem Reap, it’s Cambodia's newest and biggest airport! Read more here.

Good morning from beautiful Inverness, Scotland! Before I go visit Nessie, I’ve got some solid travel hacks for you fine people, so let’s jump in:

  • ✈️ JetBlue introduces more European routes

  • 💳 Bilt promo: Earn 5,000 bonus points

  • 😆 Meme

✈️ JetBlue introduces more European routes

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always pictured JetBlue as the little brother of the big boy airlines—the runt of the litter, if you will.

But over the last couple of years, JetBlue has been working its way up the ranks, launching all kinds of interesting international flights.

And yesterday, they continued that trend by announcing even more European flights that will launch next year.

Here are the details:

Starting in March 2024, JetBlue will begin operating flights to Dublin, Ireland from both Boston and New York City, and flights to Edinburgh from New York City.

With the addition of these two cities, JetBlue will serve five European cities and a total of 13 daily transatlantic flights between the U.S. and Europe.

Personally, JetBlue is one of my favorite U.S. airlines to fly.

Between the in-flight entertainment on smaller planes to the free wifi, I always find it to be quite a comfortable experience.

To make things even better, JetBlue is a transfer partner of MR Points, UR Points, and ThankYou points, making their flights even more accessible.

So here’s the bottom line:

JetBlue is becoming more and more appealing over time. They’ve got a comfortable fleet of planes, a freshly revamped loyalty program, a world-class premium seat, and accessible award flights thanks to their various transfer partners.

So next time you need to book a trip to Europe, you have another solid option to research.

💳 Bilt promo: Earn 5,000 bonus points

If you hold the Bilt Mastercard, you may have recently received a delightful email with a surprise promotion.

Specifically, many Bilt Cardholders have been targeted with an offer to earn up to 5,000 bonus points by making purchases at various retailers.

Here are the details:

  • Earn 1,000 points for the first transaction you make with any of the following retailers:

    • AT&T

    • Verizon

    • Sprint

    • T-Mobile

    • Comcast

    • Xfinity

    • Spectrum

    • Spotify

    • Netflix

    • Hulu

  • You can earn a maximum of 5,000 bonus points

  • This is a targeted promotion, so only people who got the email above are eligible

  • The offer is valid for 30 days, beginning on the day you received the email

Overall, this is a super easy way to rack up some valuable Bilt points.

I know a lot of people (myself included) who subscribe to multiple services listed above. If you have Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, a cable plan with Comcast, and a phone plan with Sprint or Verizon or something, you’re already looking at 5,000 bonus points just for switching over your payment method to the Bilt card.

And 5,000 points is not something to turn your nose up at, given how valuable they can be…

For example, I booked a room at this hotel in Paris earlier this year during an overnight layover for only 5,000 Hyatt points, which you can transfer Bilt points to.

A few months ago, Bilt also had a 100% transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic.

If you had 5,000 Bilt points, you could’ve turned them into 10,000 Virgin miles and booked this flight from New York to London:

So as you can see, 5,000 points could go a long way if you get creative and take advantage of Bilt’s transfer partners.

So go check your email to see if you’re eligible. If you are, make sure you use your Bilt card to pay your streaming, phone, and internet bills to rack up a few thousand bonus points.

💸 Sponsored by National Debt Relief

Let’s face it… we think travel credit cards are awesome around here 🤗 

They help us earn and redeem free award flights and hotel stays, and come with all sorts of other perks and benefits (helloooo lounge access).


They’re only useful if we use them responsibly.

They can turn from awesome to awful pretty dang quickly if you start to miss payments and rack up debt… and it’ll happen FAST with those high interest rates.

But sometimes, 💩 happens. You might find yourself drowning in overdue credit card statements, medical bills, or other types of unsercured debt.

And that’s exactly why I wanted to chat a little bit about National Debt Relief (NDR)—a company that specializes in reducing your overall debt through an award-winning debt settlement process (they’ve got over 70,000 5-star reviews, y’all 👀).

And I think they’re worth checking out if you want help with your debt 👇

But what the heck even is debt settlement?? In short, debt settlement reduces your overall balance ⬇️

Your debt is negotiated down with the creditor in hopes of helping you pay less than you actually owe (and paying it off faster!).

This is where NDR comes in, and here’s a breakdown of what they offer:

  • Provide a free consultation: Tell them your situation and find out about debt relief options—with no pressure or obligation to continue.

  • Create an affordable and customized plan: You give them the green light and approve of any financial plans and processes.

  • Negotiate with creditors on your behalf: They aim to get you back to financial stability typically within 24-48 months.

In a sticky situation? It could be well worth your time to have a free consultation with NDR to look at debt-reducing options!

😆 Meme

In case you didn’t know, we started a podcast. It’s called the Daily Drop Podcast.

Every week (and sometimes more often), Megan and I sit down to talk about travel hacking in a way that we simply don’t have space to do in this newsletter.

We think it’s a lot of fun, so check it out by clicking here, going on YouTube, or searching for us wherever you get your podcasts.

That’s all for today, folks. I’m just gonna give you a heads-up right now… tomorrow is going to be an exciting day, so don’t forget to check out the newsletter tomorrow.

That’s all I can say for now though… 😉

See you soon,

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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