You might have to pay 7 euros to visit Europe in 2024

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🤦‍♂️ Oh god… A United flight to Taiwan had to return to the U.S. after an economy passenger refused to stop moving to a business-class seat. Read more about this annoying incident here.

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🤦‍♂️ Oh god… A United flight to Taiwan had to return to the U.S. after an economy passenger refused to stop moving to a business-class seat. Read more about this annoying incident here.

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Speaking of travel hacks…

  • 🏝️ LAST CALL: Sign up for our Monterey giveaway!

  • 💶 You might have to pay 7 euros to visit Europe in 2024

  • 🚐 Planes, trains, and camper vans (oh, my!)

🏝️ LAST CALL: Sign up for our Monterey giveaway!

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💶 You might have to pay 7 euros to visit Europe in 2024

I know what you’re thinking… but no, this new 7 fee isn’t being enforced to help fund the National Confederation of French Bakery and Pastry (which is a real thing).

But honestly, if I was forced to pay that in order to help France pump out thousands of delicious croissants each day… I 100% would.

“Le meow” 👌

Instead, it’s much less glamorous, but something that will impact all U.S. travelers who want to visit certain parts of Europe starting in 2024.

This new(ish) concept of Americans needing a visa to enter Europe has been floating around for a couple of years now, but has been delayed several times because, well… governments just can’t get their 💩 together sometimes.

However, it’s not actually a visa at all—it’s a travel authorization program for visa-free visitors called ETIAS. It’s quite similar to the ESTA program that is required for visitors entering the U.S.

Why is this happening?

The EU decided to implement this program to protect and strengthen its borders. By having travelers register, they’ll be better able to monitor any threats or risks as visitors enter the country.

Where in Europe will ETIAS be required?

Member countries of Europe’s Schengen Zone, which currently includes 23 EU countries, four non-EU countries, and three micro-states.

Who needs ETIAS authorization?

Travelers from 60+ countries, including American citizens (yes, you have to share this one).

How do I apply?

According to ETIAS’ website, once the application is available online, it should only take you about ten minutes to fill out and comes with that 7 application fee.

BUT, your authorization will be valid for three years (or if your passport expires before then), so there’s no need to reapply with each trip to Europe within that time frame 🎉

You should also get an email within 96 hours of applying that confirms your ETIAS has been approved, so don’t wait until the last minute to do this… otherwise you risk being denied at the border!

The exact start date of this requirement hasn’t been confirmed, but they’re saying it’s likely… probably… definitely happening next year.

So in summary, it’s an important thing to be aware of, but nothing to stress out about for all you obsessive travel worriers… you know who you are 😉

🚐 Planes, trains, and camper vans (oh, my!)

Summer is FLYING by, y’all. It’s going to be August next week after all! 😮 So I thought I’d round up some good travel deals to book before the month of July (and many of these deals) come to an end.

And I’m talking deals for trains, planes, and… even camper vans 👇

Van and car rental deals:

Cabana Camper Vans is a cool company that offers tech-forward vans to rent. Right now, they’ve got several great deals that range from getting $200-$600 off a 5 to 10+ night trip to special promo codes that offer teachers and first responders 20% off a booking.

The rental car company Hertz is offering one free rental day when you rent an electric vehicle for two or more days with a trip and car pick up through September 6th. Use promo code 211174.

Flight deals:

Frontier Airlines has a handful of summer and fall flight deals where travelers can get one-way flights for as low as $19 between certain destinations and dates. Their deals can be restrictive, so if you’re flexible and find something that works for you, jump on it!

Flight deals on Frontier

Say aloha to Hawaiian Airlines’ sale on one-way tickets from primarily west coast cities to some of its popular island destinations. However, there are also (oddly) some deals from Ontario, CA, as well as non-West Coast cities such as Austin, Boston, and New York. Flights start as low as $110!

Save big with Etihad Airways’ stopover package in Abu Dhabi which currently includes 40% off two- or four-night hotel stays in three- or four-star hotels OR a free stay in three- or four-star hotels.

Train deals:

These two deals coming from Vacations by Rail are time sensitive! If you’re a planner, you can get up to $500 off a 2024 rail tour booked by July 31st. And if you’re a “do absolutely everything last minute” psychopath, you can take advantage of their Final Call for Fall deal which will get you $250 off September and October 2023 rail tours… if booked by August 4th.

To finish off this list of deals, if you want to take the family on a scenic train route through the Southwest before school starts up, Rocky Mountaineer is offering a limited-time $700 off per child (17 years and under) for this July and August on the Rockies to Red Rocks route!

I don’t know about you, but these sound like some cool deals with a lot of variety to choose from!

And remember, if you want to save even more cash, you can pay for any type of travel using miles from a card like this one 😎

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