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✈️ Jason Steffen, a University of Nevada professor, developed a plane-boarding theory about 15 years ago, and even though it was proven successful, it still hasn’t been used. Read more here about why that’s the case.

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✈️ Jason Steffen, a University of Nevada professor, developed a plane-boarding theory about 15 years ago, and even though it was proven successful, it still hasn’t been used. Read more here about why that’s the case.

Good morning from Gaborone, the sleepy capital city of Botswana. There isn’t a TON to do here, but that’s fine. It just means I have more time to spend with you lovely people.

And that’s good, because the travel hacking gods have bestowed unto us a great gift today:

  • 💳 30% transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic

  • ✈️ Virgin Atlantic 25% discount on award flights

  • 💳 Top Cards Update: October

💳 30% transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic

You’re gonna want to pay attention here, folks…

Right now, you can transfer UR points to Virgin Atlantic with a 30% transfer bonus. Basically, this means that 1,000 points will turn into 1,300 points.

We see an offer like this come around every once in a while, but a 30% bonus is still nothing to joke about.

Virgin Atlantic miles are worth about 1.5 cents each. With this transfer bonus, you’re turning every UR point into 1.3 Virgin Atlantic miles, worth about two cents total.

That’s a great value for your points, especially if you consider the many ways you can use Virgin Atlantic miles.

As a member of SkyTeam, you can use these miles to book flights on a TON of different airline partners, including Delta.

But you’re not going to want to do that…

Why, you ask?

Because for the next two days, there’s a MUCH better way to use your miles…👇

✈️ Virgin Atlantic 25% discount on award flights

Alright, friends, this is not a drill…

Until tomorrow (October 3rd), Virgin Atlantic is offering a flat 25% discount on award flights across their network and a wide range of dates.

It’s VERY good…

But there are some details to keep in mind:

  • Discounts will be reflected in the website search

  • Applies to ALL classes of service (i.e. economy, business, etc.)

  • Valid for travel through December 31st, 2023

  • You must book by TOMORROW

  • Only valid on Virgin Atlantic flights (not partner bookings)

But if you remember from like zero minutes ago, there’s currently a transfer bonus going on right now from this bank.

That means you can STACK these two deals for AMAZING outsize value.

Allow me to enlighten you…

As you know (I hope) by now, you can fly between the U.S. and London for as few as 10,000 Virgin miles one-way.

With this sale, that cost dips down to just 7,500 miles…

With the transfer bonus, you’d only need to transfer 5,800 UR points to book this flight… TO GO TO EUROPE. 🤯🤯🤯

If you want to get there in a little more style, Virgin Upper Class (a.k.a. business class) is one of the best seats in the sky.

You could book the same route in business class for just 35,600 miles, which is already a fantastic deal…

BUT with the transfer bonus, you’d be booking a bucket list seat for just 27,400 UR points. 


Of course, if you do opt for business class, you’ll be on the hook for some pretty high taxes and fees, so beware.

Virgin Atlantic partners with pretty much every major bank in the U.S., meaning you can transfer any of the following to get the miles you need to book one of these flights:

So yeah, it’s basically one of the easiest currencies to get, and it’s easy to combine miles from different banks into one Virgin account if needed.

So make sure you hop on this deal ASAP if you want a sweet deal on a top-notch airline.

💳 Top Cards Update: October

It’s another month. And you know what that means…

Another update on the top of the top, the best of the best, the creme de la creme, of the credit card world.

This month’s update?


There’s really not much going on to tell you about that we haven’t already.

… or is there?

While the personal cards have been pretty static, there’s actually a holy grail offer on one of our top business cards that y’all should know about, with a signup bonus that could easily yield over $1,000 worth of value…

So check it out if you want to get in on the fun while it still lasts.

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That’s all for today, folks!

I hope you jump on that Virgin Atlantic deal if you can. It’s pretty rare to see flights to Europe for barely 5,000 points, so don’t let it slip away.

Are you going to jump on the Virgin Atlantic award sale stack?

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Can’t wait to see you first thing tomorrow ❤️

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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