Doing Miles and Points with Community

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When it comes to learning with miles and points, there is a lot of information out there. Maybe you’ve been down the rabbit hole of transfer points, airline alliances, and 5/24, oh my! Or maybe you’ve landed on this page and you are shiny & new to all things miles and points (and you weren’t overwhelmed until you read the previous sentence). Today I’m going to introduce you to my, and now your, little travel secret. Community

But first, let’s get to know each other because that would be weird if we didn’t!

Meet the Community Manager:

Hi, I’m Megan. Would it be too obvious to say I LOVE travel?! (Safe to say all of us on Team Daily Drop are travel obsessed.) I’m the Community Manager here at Daily Drop.

I grew up going on many road trips with my family but never leaving the country. In fact, I didn’t own a passport until I was 23. When I did, wow was I hooked! Since then I’ve been to 25 countries (and counting) and I’ve saved over $25,000 on flights and hotels using miles and points.

My first trip on points was to The Maldives. If there’s any trip that will hook you into more of this magic… that one will do it. Using miles and points isn’t something that came easy to me, but once it clicked, my world changed. Now I’m super passionate about making miles and points simple for you and closing any gaps you have in the process.

This brings us back to my favorite miles and points secret…

It was a bit of an accident that I found miles and points, and after spending way too many hours eyeballs deep in an overwhelming amount of articles, I thought I was a lost cause.

Footage of attempts to learn travel hacking 😂

That was until a serendipitous visit to an airport lounge led me to meet another couple who were well on their way on a one year around the world trip. There’s nothing like having long conversations with people who really get it, they understand the obsession with travel and together you can share tips, wins, and lessons you’ve all learned along the way.

That’s when I realized the best miles and points secret is: Community.

After that trip, I knew I had to keep finding people like this, so I did. I had Zoom calls and meet ups with people around the world who were into miles and points. I soaked it all in faster than the Google searches could even populate.

I attribute the majority of my miles and points success to learning alongside other awesome people, which is exactly why I’m thrilled to invite you to an exclusive Daily Drop only community space.

The Lounge is a community space for everyone to learn and grow together as miles and points aficionados. The conversations here are so good, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a real life airport lounge, sipping something sparkling and planning your next bucket list destination. Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m right back in the lounge in The Maldives, learning with new friends.

We have everyone from beginners to master travel hackers sharing tips, secrets, and getting their pressing Q’s answered every single day.

Outside of the amazing travel conversations in there every single day, we also have free monthly virtual masterclasses to learn about miles and points from the beginning. We teach everything from 101 to how to access airport lounges and more.

It is the coolest travel space on the internet.

You might be thinking… but Megan, aren’t you a little biased about all this because you’re the Community Manager. I hear you, so take it from some other travelers in the Lounge 👇

From lessons learned to wins to just enjoying hanging out with other travelers, it’s the travel perk we didn’t even know we needed!

It’s truly the space I wish I had when I was diving into all of this. I cannot wait for you to learn how valuable community is on this miles and points journey.

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