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Want to get your mind blown? Watch this guy land a plane on a 57-story-high roof of a hotel in Dubai… 😱

Good morning and welcome back to Daily Drop, the newsletter that’s guaranteed to make you want to pack your bags and run away from all of life’s responsibilities… Or at least daydream about doing it. 😉

Today we’ve got some news, fun deals, and travel inspo, so let’s get right to it:

  • 🏨 Last chance to take advantage of this IHG promo

  • ✈️ Sponsored by Babbel

  • 🌍 Where in the World Wednesday

🏨 Last chance to take advantage of this IHG promo

I know a lot of you are sitting on some nice little piles of IHG points thanks to the current ridiculous credit card offer that we all know and love.

But for those of you who aren’t able to or don’t want to get the card, there is still a great way to take advantage of the IHG One Rewards program to save some big cash on your next booking.

Until the end of the day today, you can buy IHG points with a 100% bonus.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t buy points for no reason. Most of the time, the cost of buying points (even with a big bonus like this) outweighs the value of those points.

However, y’all know I like to game the system for outsize value with this stuff, so you can bet your buttocks that there are some ways to save hundreds of dollars with this promo.

For example, I was just looking at a property in Mexico City (my favorite place on planet earth and a magical city that I love dearly) for a stay I was thinking about booking this summer.

As you can see, a 5-night stay would run you almost 11,000 pesos, or about $580 USD. That’s not terrible for a 5-night stay in a great location, but we can do better…

You can also see that using points to book this property comes in at 13,200 points per night or 66,000 points for the stay.

Using this current promotion, you could simply buy 66,000 IHG points for just $330 USD and book the property with points.

So by taking advantage of this promotion, you’ll save $250 USD on a 5-night stay, no credit card or points stash required.

If you have the aforementioned credit card we talked about but have already run out of points, the deal gets even better…

That’s because one of the perks of this card is that you get every fourth night free using points.

Therefore, this 5-night stay would only cost 52,800 points (since one of those nights is now free), which you could buy for just $270 with this points promotion, less than HALF of the cash cost of the same room on the same dates. 🤯

The nice benefit here is that the card also gives you Platinum elite status, so this $270, 5-night stay would also have a late checkout, a room upgrade, etc.

FYI, there are other properties in Mexico City (and elsewhere in the world) that cost even fewer points and where you can really stack up some savings from this method.

If you do see a chance to buy cheap points for a stay, make sure you always compare the price of the points to the cash price to ensure you’re getting better value.

If you do, jump on it!

✈️ Babbel: Get your language learning started

I have some GREAT news that we should all be happy about… Spring is officially here! 🎉🌷💚

We can finally shed our winter coats (my cat included… she’s doing lots of shedding 😒) and emerge from our long, cold, dark hibernation dens in order to get ready to travel our hearts out!

With all of the cool places to see out there in the world, I’d say it’s also probably a good idea (and really fun!) to start learning a new language.

That’s where Babbel can help!

Spring is totally a time to re-focus, clear out the brain cobwebs, and make moves to become your best self. If learning a new language has always been a goal, now is the perfect time to make that a reality.

Here’s why we love Babbel 🧡

  • Babbel teaches bite-sized, 10-minute, real-world-use lessons

  • You can also learn with Babbel’s podcasts, games, videos, content articles, and live online classes

  • Learners of all levels can use Babbel with its customized approach

  • You’ll learn about a country’s culture and traditions in addition to its language (we really like this meaningful focus)

  • Users report being able to start having basic conversations in their target language after just three weeks of daily practice with Babbel

AND BEST YET, for a limited time, you can get 55% off your subscription!

Just think, in as little as three weeks of using Babbel, you could start having some truly fun and practical conversations with locals at your next bucket-list destination!

There’s no better time to try Babbel, so don’t miss out on this awesome language-learning opportunity!

Please support our sponsors!

🌍 Where in the World Wednesday

We’re going to start sprinkling in a little bit of travel inspo into the newsletter each week 🤗

As you all know, we’ve got several masterminds behind the keyboard here at Daily Drop bringing you the best travel-hacking tips and news, but… where should you go with all that travel-hacking knowledge?! 🤔

Don’t worry. We’ve got some suggestions ☺️ Today, we’re heading to Helsinki, Finland! 🇫🇮

*Deals also available from MIA and JFK at similar prices.

FareDrop just gifted us an amazing roundtrip deal to get to Helsinki for only $378! I wonder how many Finnish cardamon buns I could get for that price… 🤔

If you’re thinking, “But… I don’t live in those cities to get this deal.” May I kindly turn your attention to revisit our newsletter that gushed all about the concept of positioning flights. Trust me, it’s a good one.

If Finland has been on your bucket list, and you’re able to find a cheap positioning flight to set you up for this killer deal departing from Baltimore… then problem solved, my friends 🥰 

Why You Should Go:

Well, for starters, Finland has ranked as the happiest country in the world (for five years in a row!) according to the World Happiness Report.

And they’re sooo happy about it that their tourism board is giving away a four-night stay at a resort with a happiness masterclass included to “find your inner Finn.” ☺️

You should also visit Finland for its incredible coffee culture (Finns have the highest consumption of coffee per capita in the world… probably why they’re so happy all the time.), friendly reindeer population, forward-thinking modern art and architecture, and the chance to catch a glimpse of the auroras.

But perhaps most importantly… not only can you find a great coffee roast here, but you can also roast in the very famous Finnish saunas. It’s even a UNESCO-protected activity because it’s such a big deal!

And hey, if you’re looking for a great travel credit card to take advantage of these FareDrop deals, consider this one (it’s one of our faves 🤗).

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That’s gonna do it for today! I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously considering booking that Finland flight… I love Scandinavia, and Finland is one of the only countries in Europe I have yet to visit.

What did you think of our new “Where in the World” segment? Which destinations would you like to see featured? Let me know by replying to this email or reaching out on social media.

See you tomorrow.

Mike Dodge
Head Writer, Daily Drop

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