Ultimate Guide to Priority Pass

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How do you feel when you hear the words “airport "lounge”?

A little relaxed? A little intrigued? For the uninitiated traveler, an airport lounge is a hidden sanctuary for relaxation pre (and sometimes post) flight. You’ll find things like food, drinks, good WiFi, and a break from the hustle and bustle of an airport hall. 

Your face when you enter your first airport lounge 😉

The best part of all of this? It’s not restricted to the elite passengers of the world. Airport lounges are pretty easily accessible. Especially when it comes to Priority Pass Lounges… the star of the show today 🤗

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is an independent lounge network with over 1,500 airport lounges or restaurants around the world. The locations range everywhere from Atlanta to Belfast to Kuala Lumpur.

Some of these are independently owned while some are affiliated with airlines, like the recently added Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in Washington D.C. Dulles International!

Anytime you’re passing through an airport on your travels, you get access to one of these Priority Pass Lounges—no matter your class of service. This is what makes Priority Pass one of the most simple lounge networks to access. 

Your level of membership determines if there is a fee to enter, or if you hold one of our favorite travel cards, you could get in for free. 

We’ll discuss that fun fact more below!

Priority Pass memberships

You can purchase memberships on the Priority Pass site, your options are:

  • Standard: $99 annually ($35 per visit, $35 per guest)

  • Standard Plus: $329 annually (10 free visits then $35 per visit, $35 per guest)

  • Prestige: $469 annually (all free member visits, $35 per guest)

Meanwhile, Priority Pass Select comes with many of our favorite travel cards which allow you and your guests into Priority Pass Lounges globally for absolutely no extra charge. 

Do you see why this is one of our favorite card perks?! 

Priority Pass benefits

The amenities inside a Priority Pass Lounge vary by airport. While we’re at it, let’s also manage expectations here—at the bare minimum, Priority Pass offers you a space separate from the general airport (with refreshments). The experience only elevates from there.

You can generally expect: 

  • A quiet comfortable place to sit

  • A separate WiFi network from the main airport network

  • Charging stations or power outlets

  • Complimentary refreshments

  • TV’s, newspapers, and/or magazines

Some lounges have: 

  • Conference rooms

  • Showers

  • Beds

  • Spa and massage facilities

  • Complimentary alcohol

  • Prime airplane take off views 👌

Delta SkyMiles Lounge

Some lounges just take it to the next level… like the movie theater or sunflower gardens in Singapore. Or the pool in Punta Cana… Yes, I said pool in an airport.

Pre-take off dip anyone? 👀

Shout out to our Daily Drop Lounge Member for this photo!

Priority Pass Restaurants, Minute Suites, and Be Relax Spas

Priority Pass has a partnership with select airport restaurants, Minute Suites, and Be Relax Spas. Utilizing these extra facilities will depend on your membership level with Priority Pass.

For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® comes with Priority Pass restaurant access, while it’s long lost cousin, the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card does not.

If you’re a holder of the shiny Chase Sapphire Reserve®, you’ll get $28 for you and $28 for a guest in select airport restaurants globally. I don’t know when the last time you ate at an airport restaurant was, but this is much appreciated to cover my $20 pre-flight burrito 🙄

Minute Suites are nap rooms in airports, and whoever invented that deserves a prize. What a delight it is to rest in a bed instead of a row of airport chairs.

Priority Pass members can enjoy a one-hour cat nap free of charge and a discounted continued sleep for $28 per hour.

And finally, Be Relax Spas—do we even need more explanation on this one?! Well, yes, I’m going to explain for the sake of the article. These are a chain of spas in airports around the world. Massage on your travel day anyone? 😏

Priority Pass members can choose from a menu of services:

  • 30-minute Lounger Massage (a $38 value)

  • 15-minute Lounger Massage plus aromatherapy & 02 (a $38 value)

  • Polish change and hand massage: (a S$38 value)

  • 10-minute foot massage plus aromatherapy & 02 (a $44 value)

How to access a Priority Pass Lounge

Once you’ve activated your membership (whether through a direct membership or through your card of choice), you just have to present your membership card at the entrance of the lounge.

Most lounges also accept a digital membership pass that you can download from your app. Just check the requirements before you head to your lounge of choice bright eyed and eager to soak in the lounge luxuries!

💡Pro tip: Remember, you do have to active your Priority Pass membership on your card that has Priority Pass Select as a benefit.

Speaking of the app…

Priority Pass app

 Let’s go digital, digital—reads better if you sing it to the tune of Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Physical… or while wearing leg warmers.

Ah, the 80’s. No apps, but stellar music videos. All this nostalgia has reminded me of a missing Priority Pass Perk… Did you know some airport lounges also have gyms?! I digress, back to the app 👇

Priority Pass has a free app for both Apple and Android users. Not only can you access your digital membership card, you can also use this to find out if the airport you’re headed to has a lounge available for you along with their opening hours. 

You can also see their offered amenities and find out if they have bonus features like a gym or a pool. Plus, you and other users can rate said lounges so you can manage your expectations or lounge hop your way from worst to best 🙌

Our favorite cards that come with Priority Pass

Several cards offer a Priority Pass membership with them, we keep this page up to date with the best of the best. Some key highlights are:

Things to consider

Priority Pass is one of the simplest ways to access an airport lounge, but it does come with its downsides.

Don’t be surprised if you head to a Priority Pass lounge at peak time to find it at full capacity. Just because you have a Priority Pass membership doesn’t mean you are guaranteed entry. This is one of the reasons we don’t recommend getting a credit card for this benefit alone.

Lounge overcrowding is becoming more and more common as travel rates go up, and travelers become savvy with maximizing the way they travel.

Bottom Line

Priority Pass is a stellar membership to have in your miles and points toolkit. It can enhance your experience with food and beverages… so, what’s not to love?

If you travel frequently or have a very exciting experience you’re planning, it’s likely the best value to find a card that comes with Priority Pass. Otherwise, you can grab a membership that suits you best.

Happy lounge hopping! 😎


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