Tiffany Eastham

Daily Drop Writer and Editor

Tiffany first caught the travel bug during a study abroad program in Italy when she was in college. She’s since returned over a dozen times to visit family, apply for dual citizenship, and just spend time there out of pure (Italian) joy.

Her travel-hacking journey began several years after that initial trip to Italy, but travel credit cards, miles, and points were always the first tools in her travel toolkit. In 2022, she quit her job as a healthcare provider in order to travel full-time and take advantage of all that is the wonderful world of travel hacking.

You can catch her writing Daily Drop's Weekend Round-Up newsletter and other travel resources on the Daily Drop site.

What is your favorite country or travel experience? 100% Italy! I still remember that feeling of emerging from the metro in Rome and seeing the Colosseum for the first time.

Do you have a favorite travel hack that you’ve done? Using my Amex points to book an $8,000 Emirates business-class seat from Seattle to Dubai… for $100!


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Loves cycling around the world (but not crashing)
Visits a cat cafe in each country
Earns 300k+ miles and points per year for travel
Fav type of travel: Off-the-beaten-path small towns
Recently obtained Italian Citizenship